The Barry Report

There are 28, 952 burials in the cemetery. It was opened in 1884 and in addition to the soldiers who died in the local army posts, it also served as a final resting place for remains which were moved from several abandoned forts and camps along the Pacific coast and in the far west.

BlinnNellieH.---National/San Francisco, CASame as CharlesN. 7/4/1909. CA. Wife of Charles H. Blinn
Blinn*CharlesH.M1CavBurlingtonNational/San Francisco, CAGHT293BPLN. 5/11/1926. CA.
Bradley*Albert G.H2JerichoNational/San Francisco, CANWAD 1538N. 1/24/1910. CA.
Buzzell*StillmanC.E2ChelseaNational/San Francisco, CAA1269-CN. 7/22/1915. CA.
GiddingsRose----National/San Francisco, CASame as Benjamin F.N. 7/13/1934. CA. Wife of Benjamin F. Giddings
Giddings*BenjaminF.B17VermontNational/San Francisco, CAOS7A/PL9N. 9/28/1926. CA.
Hall*AaronP.D2WoodburyNational/San Francisco, CAW834AN. 4/4/1916. CA.
Hartwell*WilliamH. HC11St. JohnsburyNational/San Francisco, CAW286AN. 2/15/1915. CA.
Houston*Carter-D17RoyaltonNational/San Francisco, CAGBOT311N. 3/15/1904. CA.
McGarghan*DanielP. JrM1VermontNational/San Francisco, CACSOU1186N. 5/5/1937. CA.
Orne*William H.C3St. JohnsburyNational/San Francisco, CAB1500N. 1/4/1911. CA.
Towle*WallaceW.A16RochesterNational/San Francisco, CAGHT925N. 12/26/1928. CA.

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