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Ashby's Gap, September 22, 1862

Vermont units present/engaged:

1st Vermont Cavalry




Ashby's Gap, Va., Sept. 22, 1862. Detachment Cavalry Brigade, 3d Army Corps (including 1st Vermont Cavalry). In conformity with orders from the corps commander Col. Price, commanding the brigade, left camp near Fort Blenker on the 20th with 800 men and one section of the 3d U. S. artillery, for Ashby's gap, his object being the capture or destruction of a wagon train, reported to be in that vicinity. At Bull Run gap he encountered the Confederate pickets and for the next 10 or 12 miles there was constant skirmishing when the advance guard, supported by the 1st Vt. and closely followed by about 60 men, came suddenly upon some 600 of the 6th Va. cavalry, under Lieut.-Col. Green. Before the enemy had time to form, Price ordered a charge and the Confederates fled in disorder from the field, some taking to the woods and others escaping through the gap. All of them rode fresh horses and could not be overtaken. Under instructions not to go through the gap, Price halted his men and after a brief rest returned to camp, the wagon train having been moved over the ridge the night before, defeating the object of his expedition. One wagon, empty and without horses, was found in Paris and burned. Two others, containing little of value, were captured. The Federal loss in this affair was 9 killed and wounded; the Confederate loss was 18 killed, wounded and captured. The Confederate commander received three saber cuts on the head. Being too severely injured to bring in he was paroled.

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