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Columbia Furnace, 7 October 1864

Vermont units present/engaged:

1st Vermont Cavalry



Abbott, Horace M.
Adams, Daniel
Bates, George L.
Bixby, Russell C.
Buckman, Henry F.
Butts, Harvey Rufus
Cameron, William W.
Cassady, Thomas
Champagne, Joseph
Clark, Thaddeus H.
Cohaskey, Nelson A.
Corse, Malcolm Sears
Domina, Darius D.
Farnsworth, Henry F.
Fassett, Dean Briggs
Fitzgerald, William E.
Fletcher, George A.
Hammond, Orange S.
Hartshorn, Abel
Hatch, Clarence Augustine
Hinds, Justin G.
Hinkson, Edwin F.
Martin, Joseph
McAllister, Ziba H.
McCollom, Ira
Morse, John W.
Parkhurst, Oscar M.
Peck, Julius C.
Robinson, Joseph M.
Rogers, Harrison
Stearns, Samuel F.
Stewart, Alvin N.
Thompson, William H.
Varnum, Charles P.
Wheaton, William M.
Wheeler, Henry Orson
Williams, Albert
Wright, Joseph N.


Third Cavalry Division, Army of the Shenandoah. In the retrograde movement of Sheridan's army from Harrisonburg, this division, commanded by Brig.-Gen. George A. Custer, moved by the back road toward Columbia Furnace. A slight demonstration was made by the enemy at 5 a. m. and several times during the forenoon the 1st Vt., which was acting as rear-guard, was called on to repel attacks made by the Confederate cavalry. About 2 p. m., when near Columbia Furnace, two attacks were made in quick succession and Col. J. W. Bennett, commanding the regiment, called for reinforcements.

Part of the 8th N. Y. and 50 men of the 1st N. H. were sent to him and were stationed in reserve. At 3 o'clock another attack was made, this time on the left, and Bennett fell back on his reserves to find them in full retreat. The 1st Vt. was then forced back about 2 miles to the lines of Pennington's brigade, when the enemy's advance was checked and the division proceeded on its march without further molestation.

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