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Funkstown, July 10, 1863

Vermont units present/engaged:

1st "Old" Brigade 2nd Inf Regt
3rd Inf Regt
4th Inf Regt
5th Inf Regt
6th Inf Regt

Killed In Action/Mortally Wounded

(If a date is listed, this is the date of death of the mortally wounded):

Abbott, Moses, Troy, Corp., 6 Inf, D
Ball, George W., Sutton, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Bartlett, Marston H., Sutton, Pvt, 4 Inf, D, 8/23/1863
Bellamy, Henry H., Townshend, Pvt, 4 Inf, A, 7/15/1863
Craig, William P., Topsham, Pvt, 6 Inf, G
Cross, Nelson N., Enosburgh, Pvt, 5 Inf, C
Cuthbert, John, Hartford, Pvt, 3 Inf, F
Gabaree, Francis, Georgia, Pvt, 6 Inf, K, 7/12/1863
Green, William A., Franklin, Corp., 6 Inf, K, 7/14/1863
Hannon, Nathan, Burlington, Pvt, 6 Inf, F
Hurd, Walter J., Addison, Pvt, 2 Inf, K
Lackey, Marvin H., Braintree, Pvt, 6 Inf, K, 10/24/1863
Leonard, Joseph U., Manchester, Pvt, 5 Inf, E
Martin, William H., Williamstown, 2d Lieut., 4 Inf, A, 5/8/1864
Murray, Francis, Pawlet, Pvt, 5 Inf, E
Page, Alvah G., Groton, Pvt, 3 Inf, F, 7/22/1863
Partridge, George M., Glover, Pvt, 6 Inf, D

Wounded in Action

If a date is listed, this indicates additional dates this soldier was wounded)

Bartlett, Marston H., Sutton, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Bellamy, Henry H., Townshend, Pvt, 4 Inf, A
Brownlee, James T., Benson, Pvt, 6 Inf, F, 5/5/1864, 9/19/1864
Burroughs, Ethan E., Vergennes, Pvt, 6 Inf, G, 7/1/1862
Burt, Orrin, Derby, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Capron, Stephen A., Bridgewater, Pvt, 4 Inf, A, 5/5/1864
Carney, Patrick, Rutland, Pvt, 6 Inf, F
Correll, Henry, New Haven, 2d Lieut., 2 Inf, K
Caton, James, Rutland, Pvt, 6 Inf, F
Chapin, Charles C., Westminster, 2d Lieut., 4 Inf, C, 5/5/1864
Clark, James, Barton, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Colt, George M., Brattleboro, Pvt, 2 Inf, C, 5/5/1864
Comstock, John, Salisbury, Pvt, 2 Inf, K
Crosby, John, Reading, Pvt, 2 Inf, I, 5/19/1864
Currier, Henry M., Ryegate, Pvt, 4 Inf, H
Damars, Joseph, Manchester, Pvt, 5 Inf, E, 6/29/1862, 6/22/1864
Delphy, Peter, Lincoln, Pvt, 5 Inf, B
Devine, Barney, Bennington, Pvt, 4 Inf, A
Divine, John, Middlesex, Pvt, 6 Inf, G
Dow, Samuel H., Greensboro, Pvt, 4 Inf, D, 5/5/1864, 9/19/1864
Drury, Eben N., Vergennes, 1st Lieut., 2 Inf, K, 5/5/1864
Eagan, John, Burlington, Pvt, 6 Inf, F, 5/5/1864
Elmer, William F., Addison, Pvt, 2 Inf, K
Gabaree, Francis, Georgia, Pvt, 6 Inf, K
Godfrey, George B., Bennington, Pvt, 4 Inf, A, 5/5/1864
Gormon, Leon, Sheffield, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Green, William A., Franklin, Corp., 6 Inf, K
Griffin, Thomas W., Greensboro, Sergt., 4 Inf, D
Griswold, Leighton W., Springfield, Pvt, 4 Inf, C
Hall, Charles H., Townshend, Pvt, 4 Inf, I, 5/5/1864
Hunter, John H., Fayston, Corp., 6 Inf, G, 5/5/1864
Ivers, John, Craftsbury, Pvt, 4 Inf, D, 5/12/1864, 9/18/1864
Jones, Augustus B., Victory, Pvt, 3 Inf, D, 5/10/1864
Judd, James, Berkshire, Pvt, 6 Inf, K, 5/5/1864
Kelley, John 2d, Burlington, Pvt, 6 Inf, F, 5/3/1863, 4/2/1865
Kimball, Fred M., Glover, 2d Lieut., 6 Inf, G, 5/4/1863
Lackey, Jackson, Montgomery, Pvt, 6 Inf, K
Lackey, Marvin H., Braintree, Pvt, 6 Inf, K
Leonard, Thomas F., Hartland, Capt., 3 Inf, I, 5/6/1864, 4/12/1864
Lesee, John, Enosburgh, Pvt, 5 Inf, A
Martin, James R., Rutland, Pvt, 5 Inf, I, 5/5/1864
Martin, William H., Williamstown, 2d Lieut., 4 Inf, A, 9/17/1862
McGuire, Henry H., Albany, Pvt, 6 Inf, D
Page, Alvah G., Groton, Pvt, 3 Inf, F
Parker, Alonzo D., Lunenburgh, Pvt, 3 Inf, I
Peno, Joseph, Swanton, Pvt, 6 Inf, K
Perkins, Gustavus, Rutland, Pvt, 5 Inf, G
Priest, Alonzo, Coventry, Pvt, 6 Inf, D
Robinson, Roswell, Highgate, Pvt, 5 Inf, A, 5/5/1864
Rogers, Stephen B., Greensboro, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Salsbury, Joseph, Highgate, Pvt, 6 Inf, K
Stoughton, Charles B., Rockingham, Col., 4 Inf, Staff
Streeter, Joel, Brownington, Corp., 4 Inf, D
Taylor, Justin A., Sherburne, Pvt, 4 Inf, D
Walbridge, Rodney W., Brookfield, Pvt, 4 Inf, B, 12/13/1862


3rd Infantry

- Recollections of the War

Regimental Losses in the American Civil War (1861-1865)

"During the pursuit of Lee's Army, after Gettysburg, the Vermont Brigade was engaged in a very creditable affair at Funkstown, Md., where this one brigade, drawn out in a skirmish line of over a mile in length, alone and unassisted, repelled a determined attack of a vastly superior force, which in massed columns charged this skirmish line repeatedly. The Vermonters sustained but slight loss, as they occupied a strong, natural position."

Three Years in the 6th Corps

"...At sunset we reached Funkstown, where the main body of our corps was in line of battle, having yesterday met the rebels and driven them more than a mile. Our friends of the Vermont Brigade had, as usual, given a good account of themselves; and the head-boards of pine, here and there among the trees, showed that the victory had not been gained without a struggle.

"In marching from Boonsboro' towards Funkstown, the Vermont Brigade in advance of the corps, the little stream, Beaver Creek, was passed, and General Howe found Buford's cavalry in his advance holding a strong position against the skirmishers of the rebel infantry. at General Buford's request, General Howe sought and obtained permission to send the Vermont brigade to relieve the cavalry. Colonel Lewis with his Fifth Vermont and part of the Second, and Colonel Barney with the Sixth regiment, at once deployed as skirmishers, forming their line two miles long. The Third and Fourth regiments were supporting a battery, and the balance of the Second was held in reserve. They saw the rebel infantry approach a strip of woods in front, and at once advanced and occupied it themselves. Against this long thin line of skirmishers, the rebels opened a severe fire of artillery and musketry, and advanced to drive the skirmishers form their position; but the brave mountaineers never dreaming that a Sixth corps skirmish line could not hold a rebel line of battle, resolutely refused to leave and sent the presumptuous rebel line of battle to the rear in confusion; not, however, until Colonel Stoughton with the Fourth and Colonel Seaver with the Third, came forward to the support of the Fifth and Sixth. Again, the rebels, disgusted at being repulsed by a skirmish line, came up in several lines of battle and charged upon the Vermonters and they again went to the rear in confusion. A third charge was made against the obstinate skirmish line, and a third time the attack was broken. Meanwhile a strong force attempting to cross the Antietam and come in on the flank, was repelled by the Second Vermont

"The gallant brigade had repelled Anderson's brigade, of seven large regiments, from its front, and another from its flank.

"An instance of a skirmish line, a mile and a half from any support, resisting repeated attacks of troops in line of battle, is rarely found in the history of armies.

"The men used from sixty to eighty rounds of cartridge, and when the first supply was exhausted, a fresh one was brought to the front on stretchers.

"The victory cost the brigade a loss of nine men killed and fifty-nine wounded, while the enemy lost more than two hundred men."


Fox, William F. "Regimental Losses in the American Civil War (1861-1865)." Albany:Albany Publishing Company, 1889.

Stevens, George T. "Three Years in the 6th Corps: A concise narrative of events in the Army of the Potomac , from 1861 to the close of the Rebellion, April, 1865." Albany: S. R. Gray, Publisher, 1866.

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