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13th Vermont Infantry

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 1-3, 1863
13th Vermont, Company A
An Extract from The Condensed History of Company A, 13th Vermont Infantry
by H. W. Allen

"...The part which Company A had in the battle of Gettysburg was one of which the survivors are justly proud. Captain Lonergan received a medal of honor for distinguished bravery in the recapturing of cannon belonging to a regular U. S. Battery from the enemy, the only one given to any member of the Regiment.

"The advance to the Rogers House and the capture of prisoners was valorous and creditable; in fact their conduct as brave and loyal soldiers from muster in an especially from the time they reached Gettysburg until the end of the battle, was most worthy.

"I do not claim that company A did all the fighting, but I do claim that we did our full share. It is expected that quite a number of individual sketches will appear as part of our company history by those better equipped than myself. Much indeed might be said in praise of the boys of Company A, officers and privates alike. Their conspicuous deeds of prowess and daring courage during the battle secured a fame more lasting and honorable than possible in any other walk of life.

"No sacrifice so great, no deed so noble and sublime as dying in defence of home and country. Lieutenant John T. Sinnott, Sergeant Thomas Blake, Patrick M. Corey and Michael McInerny freely offered their young lives on the field of battle that the country they loved and honored might be saved."

Source: Ralph Orson Sturtevant's "Pictorial History: Thirteenth Vermont Volunteers, War of 1861-1865." Privately published, 1910.