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Cleaning Guidelines

The following guidelines are from Monument Builders of North America. MBNA is a trade organization that is over 100 years old. They set the bar incredibly high regarding ethical, honest business practices from someone who is committed to the monumental industry, as a fabricator or dealer.

Note: Years ago it was common practice to use Clorox when cleaning gravestones. Many cemetery commissions in our are don't support the practice any longer for environmental and other reasons. If the guidelines are followed as presented, most stones will not require bleach. If, after following the guidelines, the stone requires a little more attention, please contact the cemetery caretaker or a reputable monument dealer for the name(s) of professionals who will clean the stone for you. The fee can range anywhere from $25 - $100 depending on the age, condition, and size of the stone.

1. Only professionals in the monumental industry should use a pressure washer to clean a gravestone.v 2. Use lots of clean water. It may take as much as 20 gallons to clean an average monument.

3. Do not use soap or other chemicals.

4. Get the monument thoroughly wet before cleaning.

5. Use a fiber or nylon brush NOT a wire brush.

6. Start cleaning at the bottom with just water and elbow grease and work your way to the top.

7. Rinse thoroughly with more clean water.

8. Do not let the monument dry until you are finished rinsing.

9. Some monuments will require more than one cleaning depending on how dirty or stained it is.

10. If, after all your best efforts, the stone requires additional cleaning, contact the cemetery caretaker or a reputable monument dealer in your area for the name of a professional who can clean the stone for you.