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International Deaths/Burials


(courtesy of NOAA)

This listing does not include veterans buried in Canada. final resting place for most of these veterans is unknown. It does include a number of Civil War veterans who died in the Navy post-war.

Anderson, George (Panama)

Bissell, Simon B. (France)

Dabney, Jose (Brazil)

Davis, Henry W. (Panama)

Fletcher, James (Italy)

Ignatius, Antonio (England)

Kelley, Thomas J. (China)

Malcolm, William (England)

Martin, George (England)

Mead, Larkin Goldsmith (Italy)

Moss, Isaac (England)

Olsen, Mathias (Norway)

Parmalee, Moses Payson (Lebanon)

Powers, Rodney H. (Japan)

Quinn, John Paul (Cuba)

Rood, Oliver (Morocco)

Seymour, Truman B. (Italy)

White, Almond A. (France)

Willett, Fernando Cortez (Mexico)

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