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Port Hudson National Cemetery, Port Hudson, LA

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 30.6606,-91.27415

20978 Port Hickey Road
Zachary, LA 70791
Phone: (225) 654-3767

Port Hudson National Cemetery is located on the site where Union and Confederate forces were engaged in the siege of Port Hudson. Nearly 4,000 Union troops were killed and almost all were buried in the cemetery; only 600 were known. Approximately 500 Confederate soldiers died during the battle and were buried in the trenches where they fell.

VA website

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Betzler, Matthews

- Crowley, James

- Derome, Michael

- Fadden, George E.

- Geary, Horatio

- Goodell, William Francis

- Greig, Thomas

- Howard, Joseph N.

- Naylor, Edward E.

- Snell, John N.

- Whiting, John W.

Graves or Cenotaphs on Findagrave

- Kendrick, Milo C. - (Service Info)

Graves believed to be here (no photos yet)

- Carr, Jason

- McLennon, Norman

- Mitchell, Cassius F.

- Russell, Jacob

- Smith, Charles P.