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Jacksonville Cemetery, Whitingham, VT

An overall photograph is not available for this cemetery

Larger Map/Directions      GPS Coordinates: 42.79806,-72.81833

Soldiers buried here with photographs:

- Beaudry, Edward

- Bigelow, James S.

- Brigham, Henry

- Brown, Benjamin P.

- Brown, Harvey

- Brown, Mervin M.

- Chamberlin, Dana J.

- Eames, Joseph H.

- Easton, Solomon G.

- Edwards, Abiathar P.

- Fox, Martin L.

- Graves, Theodore

- Griffin, Alford B.

- Hall, William D.

- Holbrook, Elhanan Winchester

- Holbrook, Rufus C.

- Holbrook, Selah Hosley

- Jillson, Rinaldo E.

- Pierce, George H.

- Pike, Ahaz P.

- Pike, Oscar L.

- Stanley, George B.

- Stetson, Albert C.

- Taylor, Don G.

- Wilcox, Jabez F.

- Winn, John C.

Graves believed to be here (no photos yet)

- Graves, Joseph D.