Vermont Civil War Descendants' Registry

It is not for us to select our birthplace nor to make choice our ancestry, but satisfied ought we to be, if we number among them those who have been patriots, tried and true; that whether sailors, soldiers or citizens, they acted well their part. (W. H. Jeffrey, 1907)

Why register as a descendant? Check out a couple good reasons.

Recently registered descendants

PLEASE NOTE: This website and descendants list is for VERMONT CIVIL WAR veterans ONLY. All other submissions will be ignored.

To find out if someone else has registered as a descendant of your ancestor enter his last and name (e.g., Smith, William) in the box below:

If you'd like to see the other descendants of soldiers in the same regiment as yours, go to that regiment's homepage, (see units page), and click on "Descendants" on the menu on the left.

Registration serves several functions. It will allow you to include information on you and your Civil War ancestor for this Descendants Listing, the Cemetery Database.

NOTE: This is not fully automated function; the information you provide will be verified first, and it may take a few days before your submission actually appears on the web-site. We appreciate your patience.

AND, don't forget, if you change your email address, drop us a note and let us update the page; we have had lots of descendants find 'lost relative' through this list. If you don't keep you email address updated, they won't be able to contact you!


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