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Proud to be a Descendant of a Vermont Civil War Soldier!

"Thank you for thinking up this list. A descendant of William Comar used it and found me. Since his contact with me a year ago, I've made friends with his mother, who is the one with the genealogical bug in his family. Without that contact I never would have learned that William Comar's parents --my 3rd great grandparents moved from Bennington out to Lyons, Nebraska! Nor would I have obtained the best gift of all--among many--a copy of a photograph of Sgt. William Comar himself--in uniform! [He is buried at Andersonville.] - Marian Wagner, 2nd-great-grandniece of William Comar, 1st Sergeant, 4th Vermont Infantry."

Among John [H. Buxton]'s papers, I found three 1889-1890 letters from Jerome Bonaparte Hatch (both enlisted from Montpelier in 1st Vt. Cav. Co. C). Your webpage led me to his great-grandson Peter Flood of Underhill, Vt. With much pleasure, I am mailing him copies of the Hatch letters.

I am researching my ancestors, and through these listings I located a 2nd cousin I did not know existed. We hope to meet this year, and I hope to travel to New England to learn more about my father's family.

Please post a note on the site somewhere thanking Doug Williams of Vermont (Descendant of a member of the 2nd Reg) for delivering a letter to me written by my [great-grand]uncle Thomas Hendry on June 8th 1864 to [Doug's] 2nd-great-grand father who had left the service on disability. It has become a family treasure that will endure for generations.

Dave Hendry
Camp Hill, PA

Something amazing happened to me as a result of my name being on your web site. I was contacted by a man in Virginia who for the past 20 years has been searching for Civil War memorabilila around his area. Last year, while using his metal detector, found in a field in Charles City County Virginia, my GGGrandfathers Civil War ID tag. It had been in the field for 133 years. He found my name on your site, contacted me and I am going down to Virginia next week to get the tag from this man who has it in his possession. I am going to try to document my trip and maybe it would be a interesting story that I could have placed on your site. I am so looking forward to having possession of this tag since it is the only article remaining, that I know of, that exists as a personal possession of Frank Eno from the Civil War. I intend to see that it is passed down by my children so his descendants will remember Frank and his contribution to this country.
Thank You,

Ralph Standring,
2nd-great-grandson of Private Frank Eno, 9th Vermont Infantry.