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The Draft

Mechanics of the Draft

The manner in which the drafting is done at least in this State precludes everything like unfairness. We copy the following from the Daily Herald :

The method of procedure in making the draft is simple, and a brief description of it will doubtless interest our readers. In accordance with instructions from the War Department, the draft is made by sub-districts instead of towns. So in fixing the number to be drafted from each is given for the excess, if any, which the sub-district has furnished over the quotas of the towns composing it under previous calls.

The names of the persons enrolled are written upon slips of paper of equal size, each slip containing one name, together with the name of the town in which the person designated resides. The slips embracing the names of all enrolled in one sub-district, are placed together in a simple wooden box, so arranged as to revolve by turning a crank at one end. The box is revolved for the purpose of mixing the slips up well together, is opened and one slip drawn out, the name upon it announced, with the residence, and recorded. The box is again revolved, opened, and one other slip drawn, and so on until a number of slips equal to the number of drafted men required from the sub-district in question, are drawn out, the name being recorded in the order in which the slips containing them are drawn. The slips remaining in the box at the close of the drawing, are taken out and sealed up for future reference.

The stage on Saturday was occupied by the board of enrollment, and the deputy enrolling officers of Washington County, and other parts of the District. The box was turned by the Commissioner of the board; the slips were drawn from the box by Mr. Reynolds of Pittsford, a disinterested and respectable person, wo has been totally blind for years, and each slip as drawn was handed by Mr. Reynolds to the Provost Marshal, who announced the name, and it was recorded by the Clerk. At the close of the drawing the slips drawn, and the revolving box used, were submitted to the examination of the person(s) assembled in the hall.
The Daily Freeman (Montpelier), Evening Edition, July 18, 1863

The results of the draft, in the several Congressional Districts, has been as follows:--


Enrolled in 1st Class                                     7675
    "     " 2nd Class                                     3721
Quotas assessed                                           1505
No. drafted                                               2256
Accepted men who entered service                      79
   "      "  who procured substitutes,               154
   "      "  paid commutation                        723 = 956
Rejected for disability                                    573
Exempted under 2nd section of Act of Congress              190
Exempted for other causes,--alienage, non-residents, etc.  331
Twice enrolled                                               8
Died                                                         4
Failed to report, and deserted after reporting             163
Drafted men whose cases remain undecided                    31


Enrolled in 1st Class                                     8816
    "     " 2nd Class                                     4637
Quotas assessed                                           1763
No. drafted                                               2645
Accepted                                                  1107
Accepted men entered service                        124
   "      "  procured substitutes,                  261
   "      "  paid commutation                       722 = 1107
Rejected for disability                                    966
Exempted under 2nd section of Act of Congress              246
Exempted for other causes                                  206
Died since draft                                             2
Failed to report, and deserted after reporting              68
Cases remaining undecided                                   59


Enrolled in 1st Class                                     7231
    "     " 2nd Class                                     3545
Quotas assessed                                           1447
No. drafted                                               2170
Accepted                                                   720
Accepted men entered service                         115
   "      "  procured substitutes,                   215
   "      "  paid commutation                        390 = 720
Rejected for disability                                    625
Exempted under 2nd section of Act of Congress              144
Exempted for other causes,--alienage, non-residents, &c.   326
Failed to report                                           283
Cases remaining undecided                                   72


Enrolled in 1st Class                             23,722
   "      " 2nd Class                             11,903
Total enrolled                                          35,625
Quota assessed                                            4715
No. drafted                                               7071
Accepted                                                  2781
entered service                                     318
Procured substitutes                                630
Paid commutation                                   1833 = 2781
Rejected for disability                                   2157
Exempted                                                  1426
Died                                                         5
Failed to report and deserted after reporting              557
Cases undecided                                            145

Courtesy of Linda M. Welch