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The Draft

1st & 2nd Companies Vermont Drafted Men

These organizations were composed of drafted men on duty at U.S. Barracks, Brattleboro, Vt., organized August 12, 1863, in accordance with circular letter from War Department, dated July 14, 1863.

Company 1

Ainsworth, James S.
Bigelow, George
Bigelow, John B.
Blanchard, Amos
Briggs, Horace B.
Brown, James
Buck, William L.
Burnell, Frank J.
Cameron, Ira C.
Campbell, Hugh C.
Carpenter, Joseph
Chase, Nelson W.
Clark, Francis
Clifford, Cotrell
Collier, George W.
Cook, Lewis B.
Cooper, Aaron K.
Crane, Franklin A.
Daggett, Charles R.
Daley, Orrin
Day, George Q.
Dennis, Joseph
Dewey, Frederick F.
Drury, Joseph F.
Elmer, Lorenzo D.
Emerson, Elbridge
Evans, William M.
Falkner, Eli J.
Farman, Willard
Farr, Erastus
Faulkner, Eli J.
Flint, Alonzo
Freeman, Corydon J.
Fuller, Harvey A.
Fuller, Samuel G.
Furgerson, Leander
Gillman, John
Gray, Darius A.
Green, George
Hammond, John F. C.
Heath, Orville W.
Hesselton, Nelson W.
Hill, Henry G.
Hills, James E.
Hogan, John C.
Holbrook, Selah H.
Holley, Vernon E.
Hopkins, Lyman H.
Hopkins, Stephen D.
Horr, John P.
Howe, Ounial G. (Orimal?)
Howe, Samuel W.
Hall, Eli
Hudson, Albert J.
Hunter, Samuel
Jacko, Cornelius V.
Jackson, Andrew
Jenner, Benjamin R.
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, Orrin A.
Joslyn, Charles E.
KIlburn, Cyrus G.
Knapp, Francis L.
Landman, John F.
Langley, John N.
Leazer, Samuel
Lewis, Frank L.
Lindsey, Hubbard
Marvin, Julius H.
McCaffrey, John
McCollister, William B.
Nelson, George W.
O'Conner, John
Phillips, Hubbard H.
Pratt, Wallace D.
Prince, Isaac
Reed, Silas
Rice, Charles L.
Richardson, Alonzo L.
Richardson, Samuel A.
Rodgers, Joseph E.
Ryerson, Wallace
Ryerson, William
Sanfield, Maurice
Sear, Oscar H.
Simonds, Erastus G.
Skinner, Eugene F.
Spaulding, John P.
Sprague, Frederick W.
Springfield, Maurice
Stafford, Alvin P.
Stevens, Chester
Sullivan, Patrick
Upham, Charles
Vaughn, Henry J.
Walling, John
Washburn, George F.
Weeks, Charles E.
Westerman, Thomas
Wheelock, Albert J.
Willey, Norman
Willey, William H.
Wood, Hiram T.
Wright, Solomon A.
Wright, William G.
Young, Nathaniel J.

Company 2

Benson, William
Blair, Joseph C.
Blake, Charles
Brannon, I. F.
Brooks, James
Brooks, William H.
Brown, Abel D.
Brown, Edwin N.
Brownell, Julien
Burnell, Ralph E.
Campbell, Alexander
Carlisle, Henry L
Carpenter, Henry H
Chamberlain, John E
Chapman, Albert
Chilson, Van Ransellaer
Cleveland, Charles C
Colt, Daniel
Conant, Edmund
Conant, Estes
Contant, Augustus
Copeland, Andrew J
Crain, Frederick
Dana, Edward J
Deering, Frederick W
Dodge, George F
Domie, Daniel
Earl, William B
Edmunds, Douglass
Edwards, Abbott T
Emery, James W
Evans, Clement
Fairbanks, Henry A
Farrington, Henry W
Finney, F N
Fisher, Lewis W
Freeman, Augustus W
Freeman, Henry B
Fuller, William H
Gallup, Lovel C
Gilbert, Antoine
Gilbert, Stephen
Gilman, Sidney A
Gilson, Curtis H
Gladding, Atwood
Govan, Alexander
Green, Warren W
Griswold, John S
Hier, Newman
Holbert, Vernon
Holmes, Darius G
Irish, Jed
Jocelyn, Stephen P
Keyes, Ephraim A
Klinger, Ferdinand
Ladd, Samuel O
Lane, William
Laubenstine, William
Lheureux, John B
Loeser, Charles
Martin, Henry
Mather, Warren D
McGinnes, D D
Miller, James
Morehouse, John
Morrill, Abel
Morse, Edward
Myers, Winslow S
Parker, Willard W
Peck, Shattuck P
Phillips, Lucien
Poole, Charles
Porter, James
Rand, Benjamin A
Raymon, Owen J
Raymond, Owen J
Reed, George F
Robinson, Amos
Shepard, Austin E
Sheppard, Austin E
Sheppardson, Zeno L
Sloan, Austin
Spearing, William W
Spicer, Albin
Spicer, Forrest D
Spooner, Sylvester
Taylor, Francis B
Tenny, Almarin T
Thomas, Alden
Tinkham, James
Tyler, Lewis A
Vernal, Harmond
Waldo, Dillingham
Wallace, Victor A
Walling, Ransom
Warren, Alby J
Watson, Melvin
Wells, Sidney
Wilder, Solomon W
Wilson, Warren J
Woodward, Charles W
Woodward, John A
Wright, Samuel A

What Happened To Them?

The following are announced as the rendezvous for drafted men for the States named:
Maine - Portland
New Hampshire - Concord
Vermont - Brattleboro
Massachusetts - Springfield
Rhode Island and Connecticut - New Haven, Conn.
New York - Buffalo, Elmira, Riker's Island, New York City
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, York, Pittsburgh.
New Jersey - Trenton
Maryland - Annapolis Junction.
Ohio - Camp Chase, Colombus; Camp Dennison, Cincinnati.

For the purpose of receiving and conducting to the several regiments the men of the draft assigned to full them up, the commanding generals of departments and armies will immediately detail from each of thee three year regiments of their commands beloning to the States above enumerated, three commissioned officers and six enlisted men, and direct them to report without delay to the commanding officer of the rendevous for their State. In States which have more than one rendezvous, the detachments for the respective regiments will be instructed to report to the commanding officer of that rendezvous nearest to which the regiment was recruited and organized.

The commandants of rendezvous will be informed of the number of drafted men to be sent to each regiment. They will loose no time in preparing detachments and placing them en route to their regiments as soon as the requisite numbers can be made up. -- N.Y. Herald, 11th.
Chicago Daily Tribune, July 15, 1863

Broken Up. -- The draft rendezvous at Brattleboro, it is reported, has been broken up, and the officers and men there are ordered to report to the camp at New Haven, CT.
Rutland Weekly Herald, June 9, 1864.
By special orders from the war department, the draft rendezvous at Brattleboro has been broken up, and the officers and men there are ordered to report to the camp at New Haven, Ct. So Gravevine Point becomes the general rendezvous for all recruits enlisted in the STates of Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
The Caledonian, June 10, 1864 and Lamoille Newsdealer, June 22, 1864.