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The Draft

Sample Draft Notice

                                  Form 39.

                                                             Provost Marshal's Office, 

                                                               _____ State of ________


         You are hereby notified that you were on the _____ day of ____________ 186__

legally drafted in the service of the United States for the period _______________, in

accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress,  "for enrolling and calling out

the national forces, and for other purposes,"  approved  March  3, 1863.      You will

accordingly report, on or before the ____________________________, at the place of

rendezvous, in ___________________________, or be deemed a deserter, and be subject

to the penalty prescribed therefore by the Rules and Articles of War.

     Transportation will be furnished you on presenting this notification at _________

______________________, on the ___________________________________, or at the

station nearest your place of residence.


                                                      __________ Provost Marshal

                                                       _______, Dist. Of ______________
Form 39

The City of Newburyport in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865