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The Draft

Links Related to the Civil War Draft

Please note that some of these are not our pages, and I only occasionally check to see if they are still there; if you have problems accessing one or more, send an email to the Webmaster (see link at bottom of page)

1863 Draft

Civil War Draft Records (National Archives)

Draft Program

Draft/Recruiting/Militia - AG63

Draftees - Status Not Recorded

Draftees Who Entered The Service

Draftees Who Hired Substitutes

Draftees Who Paid Commutation

Draftees, by Town

Enrollment Act (Wikipedia)

General Order No. 17 - AG62

Ludlow Conscripts

Order Relative To Alienage

Sample Draft Notice

Southern Vermont conscripts

The Draft in the Civil War

Two Companies of Drafted Men in Brattleboro