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The Draft

Drafted, Status Unknown

According to the 1892 Revised Roster, the following were drafted, but their status is not recorded (or at least we haven't found it yet.

Babbitt, Byron C., Londonderry, VT
Bagley, Geo. A., Windham, VT
Bailey, Samuel H., Townshend, VT
Baker, Mat, Rutland, VT
Baker, Nelson J., Windham, VT
Ball, Rolla B., Athens, VT
Barber, Ansel S., Guilford, VT
Barnaby, Mitchell, Westminster, VT
Barnes, Reuben M., Whitingham, VT
Barrett, John H., Brattleboro, VT
Bass, Edward E., Rockingham, VT
Bateman, Horace G., Rutland, VT
Battles, Patrick, Rutland, VT
Battles, Thomas, Rutland, VT
Beard, John, Chittenden, VT
Beard, Volvey, Chittenden, VT
Bellamy, Charles A., Townshend, VT
Bellamy, Emerson E., Townshend, VT
Bellamy, Henry A., Townshend, VT
Bemis, David J., Westminster, VT
Bemis, Joseph M., Brattleboro, VT
Bennett, Joseph T., Dummerston, VT
Bennett, Ripley C., Dummerston, VT
Bennett, William H., Rutland, VT
Bingham, Willard E., Brattleboro, VT
Bishop, John H., Rutland, VT
Bishop, Wm. S., Wardsboro, VT
Blanchard, Amos, Rockingham, VT
Blanchard, Horace, Marlboro, VT
Blood, Albert L., Grafton, VT
Bond, Henry E., Dummerston, VT
Bond, Leavitt E., Dummerston, VT
Bond, Leroy S., Dummerston, VT
Booth, Hawley C., Jericho, VT
Boubal, Lewis, Rutland, VT
Bourn, Leandor A., Jamaica, VT
Bowker, Rufus, Wilmington, VT
Boyd, Jasper E., Wilmington, VT
Boynton, Charles W., Jamaica, VT
Breed, Harrison, Brattleboro, VT
Brigham, Charles W., Pittsfield, VT
Brigham, William, Wilmington, VT
Bromton, William, Rutland, VT
Brown, Harvey, Londonderry, VT
Brown, William H., Vernon, VT
Bruce, William T., Newfane, VT
Brunell, John, Rutland, VT
Bugbee, Henry A., Wilmington, VT
Burchard, Sardis, Newfane, VT
Burdett, Rodney P., Shrewsbury, VT
Burke, Lyndon, Rockingham, VT
Burns, Peter, Rutland, VT
Burrows, John, Mendon, VT
Butten, George, Rutland, VT
Butterfield, John B., Dummerston, VT