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The Draft

Drafted, Status Unknown

According to the 1892 Revised Roster, the following were drafted, but their status is not recorded (or at least we haven't found it yet.

Cain, Matthew, Rutland, VT
Callagan, Daniel, Rutland, VT
Callihan, Michael, Rutland, VT
Campbell, Alonzo, Rutland, VT
Campbell, Charles C., Putney, VT
Canady, Dennis, Whitingham, VT
Cannon, Joseph, Dover, VT
Carpenter, Fostin G., Putney, VT
Carrigan, Patrick, Rutland, VT
Casey, Patrick, Rutland, VT
Cass, Lewis, Mendon, VT
Chase, Benjamin K., Rutland, VT
Chase, Chas. E. Jr., Rockingham, VT
Chase, Clark, Westminster, VT
Chase, Edwin, Townshend, VT
Chase, Wilbur F., Whitingham, VT
Cheney, Albert A., Brattleboro, VT
Childs, Raymond F., Wilmington, VT
Church, Fostin J., Rockingham, VT
Clark, Barney, Brattleboro, VT
Clark, Charles S., Pittsfield, VT
Clark, Edward, Brattleboro, VT
Clark, Eli, Dummerston, VT
Clark, Norman, Rutland, VT
Clark, William, Guilford, VT
Clough, Worthy, Londonderry, VT
Cobb, Foster Jr., Putney, VT
Cobb, George W., Putney, VT
Cobb, Henry P., Putney, VT
Cobb, Quincy, Brattleboro, VT
Cobleigh, Frank D., Brattleboro, VT
Cockran, Michael, Rutland, VT
Codding, John P., Putney, VT
Colburn, Edwin B., Shrewsbury, VT
Cole, Lyndon A., Putney, VT
Coleman, Cyrus, Windham, VT
Collins, Henry, Londonderry, VT
Collins, James, Rutland, VT
Conlin, Michael, Rutland, VT
Connell, Patrick, Rutland, VT
Connerty, Michael, Rutland, VT
Coolidge, John L., Sherburne, VT
Cooper, George A., Dover, VT
Copeland, Orson H., Marlboro, VT
Corey, Hugh, Rutland, VT
Costello, Michael J., Rutland, VT
Costello, Michael J., Rutland, VT
Cowing, Henry, Newfane, VT
Cox, Dennis, Rutland, VT
Craig, Almon, Guilford, VT
Crosby, George N., Dummerston, VT
Crosier, Lewis F., Halifax, VT
Crosier, Lewis F., Halifax, VT
Crouch, Emerson N., Putney, VT
Crowe, Michael, Rutland, VT
Crowell, Henry, Westminster, VT
Curran, Patrick, Rutland, VT
Curtis, Emery G., Somerset, VT
Curtis, Martin, Rutland, VT
Cutler, Oscar W., Somerset, VT