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The Draft

Drafted, Hired Substitute

According to the 1892 Revised Roster, at least the following were drafted and hired substitutes to serve for them.

(Read: Name, Vermont residence)

Rand, Lucius, Johnson, VT
Ranney, Henry P., Westminster, VT
Ray, Walter O., Orwell, VT
Raymore, Asa A., Eden, VT
Reed, Charles A., Montpelier, VT
Reynolds, Benjamin H., Alburg, VT
Reynolds, George, Alburg, VT
Reynolds, John B., Rutland, VT
Rice, Franklin H., Cambridge, VT
Rice, George, Burlington, VT
Rice, Hubbell L., Randolph, VT
Ricker, William, Hardwick, VT
Riley, Barney, Clarendon, VT
Risdon, Daniel C., Dorset, VT
Robbins, Charles J., Ripton, VT
Roberts, Benjamin F., Whitingham, VT
Roberts, Edward L., Whitingham, VT
Roberts, George B., Chelsea, VT
Roberts, Harrison H., Leicester, VT
Roberts, Henry M., Whitingham, VT
Robie, John W., Corinth, VT
Robinson, John B., Somerset, VT
Rockwell, Sumner J., Alburg, VT
Rockwood, Truman, Bristol, VT
Rodgers, James, Shrewsbury, VT
Rogers, Charles O., Guildhall, VT
Rogers, Cornelius E., Albany, VT
Rolf, John, Colchester, VT
Rood, Clark A., Colchester, VT
Root, Calvin S., Charlotte, VT
Rosebrook, E. G., Guildhall, VT
Round, Henry C., Clarendon, VT
Roundy, Royal B., Weathersfield, VT
Royce, Addison R., Ludlow, VT
Royce, Benjamin B., Westminster, VT
Royce, John T., Bethel, VT
Royce, Philip Jr., Bridgewater, VT
Rublee, Rodney D., Enosburgh, VT
Russ, John, Hartford, VT
Russell, Charles H., Pawlet, VT
Russell, Henry T., Windsor, VT
Rust, Henry, Orwell, VT