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In Grateful Memory

The following soldiers died today, 26th June, during the war:

Clark, Isaac, age 31, cred. to East Montpelier, VT
Service: enl 11/27/63, m/i 12/10/63, Pvt, Co. I, 11th VT INF, mwia, Cold Harbor, 6/1/64, d/wds 6/26/64
born: abt 1832, Melbourne, PQ, Canada; died 06/26/1864; buried: Buried in an unmarked grave, , VA

Davis, Oliver, age 44, cred. to Wilmington, VT
Service: enl 1/5/64, m/i 1/5/64, Pvt, Co. F, 3rd VT INF, mwia, Cold Harbor, 6/3/64, d/wds 6/26/64
born: abt 1820, Wentworth, NH; died 06/26/1864; buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Edwards, Patrick, age 23, cred. to Fairfield, VT
Service: Pvt, 15th NY IND LARTY, kia, Petersburg, 6/26/64, interred on thefield
born: unknown, Unknown; died 06/26/1864; buried: St. Patrick Cemetery, Fairfield, VT

George, Henry, age 28, cred. to Derby, VT
Service: 11th NH INF
born: abt 1834, Derby, VT; died 06/26/1864; buried: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Symes, Albert A. C., age 18, cred. to Lunenburg, VT
Service: enl 12/9/63, m/i 12/30/63, Pvt, Co. I, 3rd VT INF, mwia, 6/2/64, d/wds 6/26/64
born: 11/06/1846, Ryegate, VT; died 06/26/1864; buried: Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Young, Hiram, age 44, cred. to Waterbury, VT
Service: enl 12/23/63, m/i 12/31/63, Pvt, Co. B, 10th VT INF, d/suicide., 6/26/64
born: abt 1819, Warren, VT; died 06/26/1864; buried: Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Legend: 1C - 1st Class; 1SGT - First Sergeant; 1LT - First Lieutenant; 2C - 2nd Class; 2LT - Second Lieutenant; 3C - 3rd Class; A.C. - Army Corps; AG - Adjutant General; AAG - Assistant Adjutant General; AAAG - Acting Assistant Adjutant General; AACS - Acting Assistant Commissary of Subsistence; AAQM - Acting Assistant Quartermaster; ACT - Acting; ADC - Aide-de-Camp; AIG - Assistant Inspector General; A&IG - Adjutant & Inspector General; AoP - Army of the Potomac; A.P.M. - Additional Paymaster; AQM - Assistant Quartermaster; ARTIF - Artificer; ASURG - Assistant Surgeon; AWOL - Awary Without Official Leave; BGen - Brigadier General; BGLR - Bugler; BNDMSTR - Bandmaster; BTRY - Battery; Bvt - brevet; enl - enlisted; CH BGLR - Chief Bugler; CMSR - Compiled Military Service Record; CON - Consolidated (a regiment); CS - Commissary of Subsistence; com - commissioned; CPL - Corporal; CPT - Captain; cred. - credited to; CS - Commissary of Subsistence; CSSGT - Commissary Sergeant; CSA - Confederate States Army; d/dis - died of disease; d/prison - died in prison*; d/svc - died in service (cause unknown); d/wds - died of wounds; dis/dsb - discharged for disability; dis/dishon - dishonorable discharge; DRMMAJ - Drum Major; DRMR - Drummer; dsrtd - deserted; ENG - Engineer; FFR - Fifer; FMAJ - Fife Major; FN - Fireman; GCM - general court martial; gsw - gunshot wound; Hosp. - Hospital; Hosp. Stwrd - Hospital Steward; IG - Inspector General, INF - Infantry; kia - killed in action; LARTY - Light Artillery; LNDS - Landsman; MGen - Major General; m/i - mustered in; m/o - mustered out; MSCN - Musician; mwia - mortally wounded in action; n.d. - no date; nfr - no further record; P.M. - Paymaster; pow - taken prisoner; pr - promoted; PRIN MSCN - Principle Musician; prld - paroled; QM - Quartermaster; QMSGT - Quartermaster Sergeant; RCM - Regimental Court Martial; RCRT - Recruit; red - reduced (demoted); Regtl - Regimental; resgd - resigned; RQM - Regimental Quartermaster; SDLR - Saddler; SGT - Sergeant; SGTMJR - Sergeant Major; SOWD - Special Order, War Department; SURG - Surgeon; SVC - Service; tr to/from - transferred to/from
Unasgd - Unassigned
USA - US Army
USCA - US Colored Artillery; USCI - US Colored Infantry; USSS - US Sharpshooters; USV - US Volunteers; VHAC - Vermont Heavy Artillery Company; VRC - Veterans Reserve Corps; VVC - Vermont Volunteer Cavalry; VVI - Vermont Volunteer Infantry; WGNR - Wagoner; wdd - wounded
* NOTE: d/prison may include those who died on parole as a result of imprisonment

Source of roster information: basic information on enlistments, promotions, casualties, etc. comes from the 1892 "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers," and additional information from a variety of sources, including cemetery, pension, census and other records as well as obituaries and published biographies of individuals, when available.