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Source: Vermont Historical Society Library, Barre, VT (VHS)

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Correspondence respecting the attack on St. Albans, Vermont, and naval force on the North American Lakes [microform]: with appendices. London:Harrison. 1865? (Source: VHS, NLA)

Abbott, Peter M. Correspondence (August 12, 1862 to May 30, 1865). (Source: VHS)

Adams, H. K. The St. Albans Raid. Investigation by the Police Committee of the city Council of Montreal, into Charges Prepared by Councillor B. Devlin. . .Against the Chief of Police (etc.), Montreal, 1864. 78pp. (Source: VHS)

Aiken, James H. Diary, 1863.. (Source: VHS)

Allen family. Papers. (Source: VHS)

Allen, Richard H. Ambition and Grit: the Life of Truman Naramore, Civil War Veteran and Entrepreneur (Independent Publisher, 2015) (Source: VHS)

Arsino, Philip. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Austin, O. H. Returns of Co. A, 1st Vermont Artillery, 1860-1865. (Source: VHS)

Baldwin, Jay N. Pension certificate, 1908, and discharge certificates. (Source: VHS)

Bancroft, Smiley. Family papers, letters, deeds, accounts, receipts, diaries of Smiley Bancroft of East Calais, Vt., 1840-1897. (Source: VHS)

Barker, Dan. Letter, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Barnett, George. Correspondence.VHS. (Source: VHS)

Barney, Valentine G. Papers including his sketches of camps of the 9th Vermont Regiment in Fort Yorktown, and Newbern, N.C., a cartoon; and a drawing by Elisha Barney showing the position of the 6th Vermont Regiment. Also includes an order granting V.G. Barney leave, and mustering out the 9th Vermont Regiment. (Source: VHS)

Barton Family. Letters, 1861-1865, written by four brothers, Hiram, Lyman, Theodore, and William Barton to their sister Mary M. Barton at Larabee's Point in Shoreham and to each other. They were all in different units in Virginia and North Carolina. There is a description of the fiasco at the Crater. There is also a patriotic poem by William Izzard. (Source: VHS)

Baruch, Mildred C. and Ellen J. Beckman. Civil War Union Monuments: A List of Union Monuments, Markers and Memorials of the American Civil War, 1861-1865. Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 Inc. 1978. (Source: VHS)

Benson, Vermont. Military papers of the Civil War era for the town of Benson, Vt., including enlistment papers, and reports of expenses incurred by the town for recruiting and bounties. (Source: VHS)

Bent, David P. Letters, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Bliss, Hobart B. Diary, 1863. (Source: VHS)

Bliss, Zenas H. Correspondence, 1863-1864. (Source: VHS)

Boone, Nancy E. and Michael Sherman. "Designed to Cure: Civil War Hospitals in Vermont." Vermont History 69 (Winter/Spring 2001): 173–200. (Source: VHS)

Boyd, Henry. Letter. (Source: VHS)

Bridges, George A. Some experiences of George A. Bridge during the Civil War, 1917. Typescript. (Source: VHS)

Briggs, George. Diary, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Briggs, George. Diary, 1862. [Servant of Chalain C. S. Hale, 6th Vermont] (Source: VHS)

Brown, Elijah S. Correspondence 1861-1863. (Source: VHS)

Brown, Stephen Flavius. Papers. (Source: VHS)

Brown, Thomas. Correspondence (1862-1864). (Source: VHS)

Burnham, Henry P. Papers, 1862-1864. (Source: VHS)

Burnham, Philander. Diary (1864) (Source: VHS)

Buxton, Charles. Diary, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Cain, Avery B. Letters, 1861-1865. (Source: VHS)

Campbell, John W. Correspondence, 1861. (Source: VHS)

Chapin, Charles B. Letter, 1865, quoting from his diary. (Source: VHS)

Chase, Oren G. Daily record of soldiers from the 1st Vermont Artillery who were sick during the period of October 1, 1863 to May 11, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Chase, S. P. Letter to Governor Fairbanks regarding finances. (Source: VHS)

Cheney, Thomas C. Vermont at Gettysburg, July 1863 and 50 Years Later. Rutland, Vt.: Marble City Press, 1914. (Source: VHS)

Cheney, Thomas C., and Frank Kenfield. Vermont at Gettysburg: July 1863 and Fifty Years Later. Ann Arbor, MI: Univ Microfilms, 1971. 53 p. Reprint of 1914 ed. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer  of Washington County, Vermont, 1783-1899. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1889, pp 29-41. (Source: VHS, Google)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Chittenden County, Vermont, for 18??. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 18??. pp 73-85. (Source: VHS, Google)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windham County, Vermont, 1724 - 1884. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1884. pp 67-78. (Source: VHS, Google)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windsor County, Vermont, for 1883-84. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1884. pp 57-71. (Source: VHS, Google)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Addison County, Vermont, for 18??. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 18??. pp 52-62. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vermont, for 18??. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 18??. pp 114-124. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, Vermont, for 1882-83. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1883. pp 43-53. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Lamoille and Orleans Counties, Vermont, for 1883-84. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1883. pp 48-60. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Orange County, Vermont, 1762-1888. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 1888. pp 30-40. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County, Vermont, for 18?. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 18??. pp 61-74. (Source: VHS)

Child, Hamilton. Gazetteer and Business Directory of Bennington, County, Vermont, for 18??. Syracuse, NY: Journal Office, 18??. pp 58-67. (Source: VHS)

Church, William. Letter describing the capture of General Stoughton at Fairfax Courthouse, 9 March 1863. (Source: VHS)

Clark, C. A. "To an unsung hero" The Vermonter 42:109-10 (Source: VHS)

Clark, Charles Edgar. Address of Hon. Curtis D. Wilbur, Secretary of the Navy, Delivered at the dedication of a memorial statue to Rear Admiral Charles Edgar Clark, USN, at Bradford, Vermont, Tuesday, October 12, 1926. (Source: VHS)

Clark, Charles Edgar. Proceedings at the Unveiling of the Portrait of Rear-Admiral Charles E. Clark in the State House at Montpelier, Vermont October 29, 1902. (Source: VHS)

Clark, Charles W. Quartermaster accounts of the 1st Artillery, 11th Vermont Regiment, December 1863 to August 1864; issuing lists March 1865 to June 1865. (Source: VHS)

Collea, Joseph D. The First Vermont Cavalry in the Civil War: A History. (McFarland (December 23, 2009) (Source: VHS)

Colton Family. Family papers, 1864-1875. Papers of the Colton family of Fair Haven, Vt., including a letter written by E. A. Kelley while serving in the Civil War to Helen Adams Colton, July 18, 1864; typescript of a second letter from Kelley, July 31, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Conant, Abel B. Diary, 1864. Typescript (7th Kentucky Volunteers). (Source: VHS)

Cook, John F. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Cooke, Mrs. George. "Mrs. Cooke's Civil War Diary, 1863-1864." Vermont History 25 (January 1957). (Source: VHS)

Costello, Bartley III. "Vermont in the Civil War." Vermont History April 1965: 220-26. (Source: VHS)

Craig, Archibald. Letter, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Crosby, George Robert. Diaries. (Source: VHS)

Cross, David Faris. A melancholy affair at the Weldon Railroad : the Vermont Brigade, June 23, 1864. Shippensburg, Pa. : White Mane, 2004. (Source: VHS)

Crossett Family. Letters, 1859-1864. (Source: VHS)

Cummings, Charles. Papers/Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Davis, James S. "Bully for the band!" the Civil War letters and diary of four brothers in the 10th Vermont (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co. 2012) (Source: VHS, BCMA, ACPL, Stanford)

Deutrich, Mabel E. Fred C. Ainsworth: The Story of A Vermont Archivist. VHS, vol. 27, January, 1959, 22-33. (Source: VHS)

Dickey, Josiah C. Papers, and history of the 7th Vermont Infantry, 1864-1866. (Source: VHS)

Dix, Henry F. Letter, 1863. (Source: VHS)

Dodge, Albert F. Papers/Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Dodge, Edwin H. Military papers of Edwin H. Dodge of Montpelier, Vt. (Source: VHS)

Durgin, Tom, ed. Charles E. Clark, The Story of a Sailor. Bradford, Vt.: Bradford Historical Society, 1998. (Source: VHS)

Dwinell, Harold A. "Vermonter in Gray: The Story of Melvin Dwinell." Vermont History, 30 (July 1962), pp 220-37. (Source: VHS)

Eastman, Seth. Civil War papers. (Source: VHS)

Eddy, Mercy. Diary. (Source: VHS)

Eighth Regiment Infantry. Returns of quartermaster stores of the 8th Vermont Regiment for 1864, made from Algiers, La., by Edward Dewey. (Source: VHS)

Eisenberg, Albert C. "The 3rd Vermont had Won a Name: Corporal George Q. French's Account of the Battle of Lee's Mills, Virginia." Vermont History, 49 (Fall 1981), pp 223-31. (Source: VHS)

Fairbanks, Charles. Notes of Army and Prison Life, 1862-1865 Limited edition privately printed abt 1897. (Source: BHS, VHS)

Fairbanks, Deming Dexter. Correspondence/Photographs. (Source: VHS)

Farmer, Alonzo. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Farnham, Roswell. Correspondence, 1861-1863. (Source: VHS)

Farnham, Roswell. Miscellaneous papers. (Source: VHS)

Field, Wealthy. Letters to Wealthy Field of Jericho, Vt., 1862-1865, from soldiers fighting the Civil War. (Source: VHS)

First Vermont Artillery, Company A. Monthly returns of Co. A, 1st Vermont Artillery, 1860-1865, kept by O. H. Austin as captain. Returns list name, rank, and remarks about soldiers in company and gives a tally of commissioned and enlisted men. (Source: VHS)

Fisher, Ella Warner "Reminiscence of the Civil War" The Vermonter 39:141-2 (Source: VHS)

Flanders, Thomas N. Correspondence 1864-1865. (Source: VHS)

Fletcher, Frank. Correspondence, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Folsom, William R. Vermonters in Battle and Other Papers. Burlington, Lane Press, 1953. 236 p. [Light as to new profound information, but significant in the fact that it does exist, and pertains to Vermonters in the Civil War. (A comment from one of our contributors)]. (Source: VHS,DAR)

Forbes, Charles Spooner. "A Biography of Rear Admiral Charles E. Clark," The Vermonter xi:8-10, March-May 1906, pp. 74-153. (Source: VHS)

Freeman, Jason E. Pension papers of Jason E. Freeman, of Pomfret, Vt. (Source: VHS)

French, J. M. "What the flag meant in 1861" The Vermonter 33:107-10 (Source: VHS)

Fullham, Volney Sewall. Papers, 1826-1912 (bulk 1861-1862). (Source: VHS)

Gale, Justus F. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS)

Garraty, John A. and Mark C. Carnes, eds. American National Biography, New York: Oxford University Press, 1999. 5:284-285 (Source: VHS)

George, Harrison B. Correspondence, 1864-1865. (Source: VHS)

Graham, Walter, of Arlington, Vt. Diary (1864-1865) (Source: VHS)

Grand Army of the Republic. 1883. Grand Army of the Republic, Richard B. Crandall Post No. 56 Records. (Source: VHS, LOC)

Green, Rollin M. Correspondence, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Greene, Albert R. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Greene, John S. Diary, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Guernsey, George H. Letter, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Hackett, Benjamin Franklin. "They Also Serve: The Diary of Benjamin Franklin Hackett, 12th Vermont Volunteers." Edited by Elna Rae Zeilinger and Larry Schweikart. Vermont History, 51 (Spring 1983), pp. 89-97. (Source: VHS)

Hall, Edwin C. "A Brookfield Soldier's Report: The Civil War Recollections of Edwin C. Hall." Edited by Norbert A. Kuntz. Vermont History57 (Fall 1989), pp. 197-225. (Source: VHS)

Hall, Edwin C. Civil War Papers. (Source: VHS)

Hammond, Charles L. "Morgan Horses in the Civil War," The Vermont Horse and Bridle Trail Bulletin, 2:1 January 1938, 2:2, April 1938, 2:3, July 1938, 2:4, October, 1938. (Source: VHS)

Hammond, Jabez. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS, WWHS)

Haskins, Harold W. A History of Bradford, Vermont. Littleton, NH: Courier Printing Company, 1968. (Source: VHS)

Heath, William W. Diary, 1863. Typescript (Source: VHS)

Hemenway, Abby Maria, editor. VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER, Vol. I. A Magazine Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biogr. & Military: Addison, Bennington, Caledonia, Chittenden & Essex Cos. 1868. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Hemenway, Abby Maria, editor. VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER, Vol. II. A Magazine Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biogr. & Military: Franklin, Grand Isle, LaMoille, Orange Counties. 1873. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Hemenway, Abby Maria, editor. VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER, Vol. III. A Magazine Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biogr. & Military: Orelans and Rutland Counties. 1877. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Hemenway, Abby Maria, editor. VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER, Vol. IV. A Magazine Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biogr. & Military: Washington County, including a County Chapter & the Histories of the Towns. By "Native & Resident Historians". 1882. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Hemenway, Abby Maria, editor. VERMONT HISTORICAL GAZETTEER, Vol. V. A Magazine Embracing a History of Each Town, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Biogr. & Military: The Towns of Windham County. 1891. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Hoffman, Elliot. "A Shot in the Dark [the capture of William Wells by the Confederates]." Vermont History 47 (Fall 1979), pp. 276-8. (Source: VHS)

Holmes, Roxy. Letters to Governor Holbrook. (Source: VHS)

Horton, Edwin. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Horton, Keith. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS)

Houghton, Henry. "The Ordeal of Civil War: A Recollection." Vermont History 41 (Winter 1973): pp 31-49. (Source: VHS)

Howard, George J. Letters 1862-1865. (Source: VHS)

Howard, Kendrick R. Diary, 1864. Written while he was a prisoner at Andersonville. (Source: VHS)

Howard, William E. Correspondence, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Howe, Oramel G. Three years in the Civil War, 1861-1864, 1912. (Source: DAR, VHS)

Howes, Seymour. Diary, 1864. 11th Infantry. (Source: VHS)

Humphrey, George W. Letter, 1863. . (Source: VHS)

Hunt, Luther B. Diary, January-June 1862. Fairfax native. (45th Illinois Infantry). (Source: VHS)

Hurlburd, Benjamin F. Correspondence July-October 1864. (Source: VHS)

Jackson, Horatio Nelson. Dedication of the statue to Brevet Major-General William Wells and the officers and men of the First Regiment Vermont Cavalry, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 3, 1913. Privately printed, 1914. (Source: Anthenaeum, VHS, BCMA)

Jewett, Albert B. Report of the battle at Orange Grove, Va, by the 10th Vermont Regiment, 3 Dec 1863. (Source: VHS)

Jones, Amos L. Diary, 1862-1865. (Source: VHS)

Keeler, Edith F. Civil War Service of William H. Flint, taken from his diaries, April 1861 - October 1865. (Source: VHS)

Keith, Horton. Correspondence, 1856-1864. (Source: VHS)

Kimball, Elbert B. Papers, 1861-1865. (Source: VHS)

King, Royal D. Diary, 1862-1863. (Source: VHS)

King, William H., Correspondence.VHS, MSA677 (Source: VHS)

Kinsley, Rufus. Correspondence, September 19, 1862 - May 10, 1865, and were written for the most part by Rufus Kinsley to his father, brothers, and sister in Fletcher, Vt., from Louisiana and Mississippi when he was an officer in a black regiment. (Source: VHS)

Kinsley, Rufus. Diary, 1861-1865. Typescript. (Source: VHS)

Knapp, Chauncey L. "Anti-Slavery Action of 1838: A Letter from Vermont's Secretary of State." Vermont History 41 (Winter 1973). pp. 7-8. (Source: VHS)

Kuntz, Norbert A. "A Brookfield Soldier's Report: The Civil War Recollections of Edwin C. Hall." Vermont History 57:4 (Fall 1989), pp. 197-225. (Source: VHS)

Lawrence, Andrew J. Correspondence. (Source: VHS)

Ledoux, Thomas J., ed. Quite Ready to be Sent Somewhere: The Civil War Letters of Aldace Freeman Walker, Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing, 2002. (Source: VHS, Norwich, Auburn)

Lewis, Henry H. Letter, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Link, Kenneth. "Potomac Fever: The Hazards of Camp Life." Vermont History, 51 (Spring 1983), pp. 69-88. (Source: VHS)

Lyon, George H. Letters and obituary, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Clark, Charles Edgar," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, iv:122-3 (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Colvocoresses, George Musalas," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, iv:326-7 (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Dewey, George," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, v:268-272 (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Emmons, George Foster," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, vi:149-150. (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Lull, Edward Phelps," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, xi:500-501 (Source: VHS)

Malone, Dumas, ed. "Temple William Grenville," Dictionary of American Biography, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1933, xviii:364-365 (Source: VHS)

Marro, Anthony. "Vermont's Local Militia Units, 1815-1860." Vermont History, 40 (Winter 1972), pp. 28-42. (Source: VHS)

Mason, Dan. Civil War Letters 1861-1865. (Source: VHS)

Mason, John S. Diary, 1863. (Source: VHS)

McDonald, George A., editor. "The Bloody Seven Days' Battle. Letters of John F. Cook." Vermont History 15 (1947), pp 230-235. (Source: VHS)

McFarland, Moses. The eighth Vermont in the Battle of Cedar Creek. Hyde Park, Vt. Lamoille Publishing Co., 1897. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Mead, Walcott A. Papers, 1862-1925. Letters and papers of Walcott A. Mead of Shoreham, Vermont, of the 14th Vermont Regiment, Co. D., arranged in a scrapbook with labels by family members. (Source: VHS)

Miller, Lyman F. Correspondence, October 1862. (Company C, 106th Regiment?). (Source: VHS)

Mitchell, Henry A. Letter, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Morris, George S. Poems and philosophical reflections, 1862-1863. (Source: VHS)

Morrissey, Charles T. "Postscript: History has a Seamless Web: Notes about Three Vermont Doctors -- Jedediah H. Baxter (1837-1890), Carlton P. Frost (1830-1896), and Gilman D. Frost (1864-1942)." Vermont History 43 (Summer 1975), pp. 239-242. (Source: VHS)

Morse, Benjamin Franklin. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS)

Mower, Albion. Military papers including enlistment papers for Co. I of the 9th Vermont Regiment, signed by individual recruits in Plainfield, Vt., in May and June, 1862, many also signed by Albion Mower, recruiting officer. Muster rolls, 1862; descriptive rolls, 1862; abstract of disbursements, n.d.; for Co. I, 9th Vermont Regiment., Albion Mower, captain. Also included are an 1860 commission of Albion Mower as captain of Co. F of the 1st Vermont Regiment Militia. (Source: VHS)

Murphy, Thomas P. Diaries, 1862-1863. (Source: VHS; private)

Niles, Orsamas Elliott. "Copperhead and Unionist: An Ex-Vermonter Tell His Father Why He Opposes the Civil War." Vermont History 41 (Winter 1973), pp. 1-6. (Source: VHS)

Ninth Regiment Infantry. Papers of the 9th Vermont Regiment including printed War Department circulars and printed and manuscript orders; enlistment and muster-out rolls; lists and correspondence concerning ordnance and quartermaster stores. (Source: VHS)

Nolin, Kelly A. "The Civil War Letters of S. E. and S. M. Pingree, 1862-1864." Vermont History 63:2 (Spring 1995), pp. 80-94. (Source: VHS)

Nolin, Kelly A. "The Vermont Military Records Project: The Civil War Records." Vermont History 70 (Summer/Fall 2002): 153–168. (Source: VHS)

Nye, Sylvanus F. Papers, 1803-1873. Includes Civil War letters from Cornelius Nye of the 2nd Vermont Regiment, Co. D, to his nephew and brother, 1862-1864. (Source: VHS)

Parker Family of Waterbury, Vt. Letters written in 1864 by Charles Carroll Parker to his wife, Lizzie, and family in Waterbury, Vt., while he was travelling with the Army of the Potomac as a delegate of the United States Christian Commission. There is a Civil War letter from Edward N. Phelps of Co. I, 9th Vermont Regiment, August 18, 1862; and an unidentified letter from Frederick City. (Source: VHS)

Parmenter, Benjamin F. Civil War letters, 1861, from Benjamin F. Parmenter from Mt. Holly, Vt. (Source: VHS)

Peterson, James E. "This Thing Will never Be Settled." Vermont History 40 March/April 1989. (Source: VHS)

Pierson, Michael D. Lt. Spalding in Civil War Louisiana : a Union Officer's Humor, Privilege , and Ambition (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2017) (Source: VHS)

Pingree, Samuel Everett. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS)

Pingree, Stephen M. Civil War Letters. (Source: VHS)

Pinney, Evaline Mary. Letters written to Eveline Mary Pinney from Henry O. Cummings, of the 16th Vt. Regiment Co. I, and Co. E. of the 2nd Regiment of U. S. Sharpshooters; from George Clay of the 2nd Regiment of U. S. Sharpshooters; and a letter to Justin R. Robinson, from Ira C. Monroe of Co. H of the 1st Vermont Cavalry. There is also a furlough notice for Justin Robinson, of Co. H of the 1st Vermont Cavalry, April 15, 1863, and letter to Robinson in 1881 concerning his pension. A letter dated April 17, 1865 from Henry O. Cummings mentions the death of Abraham Lincoln. (Source: VHS)

Pitkin, Edgar. Correspondence, 1861-1865. (Source: VHS)

Pitkin, Perley P. Indexed Letterbook (Quartermaster U.S. Volunteers). (Source: VHS)

Platt, Lemuel. Collections. (Source: VHS)

Pollard, John Brown. Diaries, 1861-1863. (Source: VHS)

Proctor, Redfield. Correspondence, 1861-1862. (Source: VHS)

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Robinson, Ezra. Correspondence, May 1863. (Source: VHS)

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Ross, Charles. "A Vermonter returns from Andersonville." Edited by Chester McArthur Destler. Vermont History xxv (1957) 344-51 (Source: VHS)

Sargent, Charles. Sergeant Family Papers, including Letters. (Source: VHS)

Sargent, George. Sergeant Family Papers, including Letters. (Source: VHS)

Sawtell, George F. Letter, 1864. (Source: VHS)

Sawyer, Edward B. Collection. (Source: VHS)

Schwenk, David E. Glory to God, glory to God, See the Vermonters Go It. A Brief History of the Second Vermont Brigade. St. Albans, 1990. (Source: UVM, VHS)

Scott, William. Letter from Camp Griffin, Va. (Source: VHS)

Scrymesir, James A. (Capt. on Gen. Smith's Staff). The Rally of the Vermont Brigade. VHS, no date. (Source: VHS)

Seventeenth Vermont Infantry. Muster-out Roll, Company F. (Source: VHS)

Sherburne, Michelle Arnosky. Abolition & The Underground Railroad in Vermont. (Charleston, SC : The History Press, 2013) (Source: VHS)

Sherburne, Michelle Arnosky. The St. Abans Raid: Confederate Attack on Vermont. (Charleston, SC : The History Press, 2014) (Source: VHS)

Sherman-Safford families. Papers, 1848-1907. Letters and Journals. (Source: VHS)

Sixth Vermont Infantry Regiment. Muster Roll, Company F. (Source: VHS)

Smith, Henry A. Correspondence, 1861-1864. Letters from Henry A. Smith, of Royalton, Vt., a soldier in the 1st Vermont Cavalry, to his family. (Source: VHS)

Smith, John David. "The Health of Vermont's Civil War Recruits." Vermont History 43 (Summer 1975), pp. 185-92. (Source: VHS)

Smith, M. V., "Story of a rebel heroine" The Vermonter 34:135-60 (Source: VHS)

Smith, William F. "Memoirs." Typescript. Vermont Historical Society (Source: VHS)

Smith, William F. "The Story of the Suppressed Despatch." Vermont Historical Society. (Source: VHS)

Smith, William F. Autobiography. (Source: VHS)

Snyder, Charles M. "They Lay Where They Fell: The Everests, Father and Son." Vermont History 32 (July 1964), pp. 154-62. (Source: VHS)

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War collection (1893-2013) (Source: VHS)

Sons of Veterans. Vermont Division. Lieutenant J. C. Blackmer Camp No. 60. Ladies Auxiliary No. 15. Sons of Veterans Ladies Auxiliary No. 15 minute book, 1913-1919. Minutes of meetings of the Sons of Veterans' Ladies Auxiliary No. 15 of Manchester Depot, Vt., 1913-1919, including elections of officers and new members, proposals for activities, and other official business. Several memoranda, notes, and cards placed at end of written text. 1 vol. (31 x 24 cm). (Source: VHS)

Soule, Allen. "Vermont in 1861." Vermont History 30 (April 1962), pp. 149-61. (Source: VHS)

Spafford, Joseph. Correspondence, 1861-1864. (Source: VHS)

Spalding, Kenena Hansen, Tuf As a Boiled Owl: the Civil War Letters of Proctor Swallow 7TH Vermont Volunteer Regiment, Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2006 (Source: VHS, ACPL)

Spaulding, Stephen F. Letter from Algiers, La. (Source: VHS)

Spooner, Irvin W. Correspondence 1862?-1865. (Source: VHS)

Spoor, W. B. Copy of a letter from W. B. Spoor, a Confederate imprisoned at F. Delaware, to his brother in the 11th Vermont Regiment, defending the South, July 19, 1863. The copy was included with a note from W. S. Richards to his wife in West Concord, Vt., July 28, 1863. (Source: VHS)

Starr, Stephen Z. "The Inner Life of the First Vermont Volunteer Cavalry, 1861-1865." Vermont History 46 (Summer 1978), pp. 157-174. (Source: VHS)

Stoddard, James F. Correspondence, 1862. (Source: VHS)

Stone Family Civil War Documents. Levi H. Stone, Lauriston L. Stone, James P. Stone. (Source: VHS)

Stone, Edward P. Letters, 1862-1863. (Source: VHS)

Sweet, Orlando P. Papers of Orlando P. Sweet of Lowell, Vt., 1856-1893. Includes material from Sweet's service as a surgeon in the Civil War, and includes papers concerning his widow's pension in 1893. (52nd Mass. Infantry). (Source: VHS)

Tarbell, Joseph Parker. Correspondence, 1864-1865. (Source: VHS)

Thayer, Willard. Letters, 1861-1865. (Source: VHS)

Thompson, Donald H., and Carol L. Thompson. 2016. Perseverance : The Life and Work of Painter James Hope. (Kingston, NY: ColorPage, printer, 2016) (Source: Castleton, VHS, MFAB)

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