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Linda M. Welch

Linda has contributed in whole or part to the following articles:

2nd Regiment, Reunions, 1886-1922

3rd Sharpshooter Company Recruits

Adams Brothers, biography

Adams, Charles A., biography

Atherton papers

Atherton, Aunt Lizzie, Nurse

Atherton, Henry B., correspondence

Bemis Brothers, biography

Blood, Aretus B., biography

Cavendish, a poem

Cedar Creek, battle of

Chamberlin, George E., obituary

Company H, 5th Vermont, called to active service

Corbin, David T., obituary

Davis, George F., biography (QMGen)

Down, Thomas, obituary

Fairbanks, Luke B., biography

Fourth Vermont Officers, 1862

French Brothers, biography

GAR - 1924 Vermont Encampment

Ludlow Conscripts

Ludlow GAR Post, 1915 pamphlet

Morey, Mills M., proof of service

Newell, Henry C., obituary

Parks, L. Milan, photographs

Rising, Cyrus P., photograph

Shepard, William S., obituary

Spaulding, George P., biography

Spaulding, Henry C., biography

Steele, Benjamin H., biography

Tucker, George, obituary

Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor

White, George W., discharge