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Hospitals in Washington, c1864

From the Armory Square Hospital Gazette, 1864.

List of General Hospitals Under Direction of Surgeon R. O. Abbott, USA, medical director, Department of Washington.

Hospitals in or just outside Washington:

Armory Square, Washington, DC, 7th St. W, between C and D Sts S
Carver, Washington, DC, 14th St. W at terminus of city railroad
Campbell, Washington, DC, 7th ST. W, last terminus of city railroad
Columbian, Washington, DC, 14th St. W, at terminus of city railroad
Convalescent, Washington, DC, near Fort Barnard, 2 miles south of Long Bridge
Desmarres, Washington, DC, corner of 14th St. and Mass. Ave
Douglas, Washington, DC, corner of I St. and NJ Ave
Emory, Washington, DC, near Almshouse east of Capitol
Finley, Washington, DC, Kendall Green, 4th St. E, north of the city
Harewood, Washington, DC, Corcoran's farm 7th St. W
Judiciary Square, Washington, DC, Judiciary Square E. St. N between 4th and 4th Sts W
Kalorama (small pox), Washington, DC, Rock Creek out 21st St.
Lincoln, Washington, DC, one mile east of the Capitol
Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC, 14th St 1/2 mile beyond city limits
Seminary, Georgetown, DC, corner of Washington and Gay Sts
Stanton, Washington, DC, I St. and NJ Ave
Stone, Washington, DC, 14th St. beyond Carver Hospital.
St. Elizabeth (Insane Asylum), Washington, DC, beyond Navy Yard west
(Union, Georgetown, DC)

Hospitals in Virginia:

Fairfax Seminary, Va., two miles back from Alexandria
First Division General, Alexandria, Va., corner of Fairfax and Cameron Sts
Second Division General, Alexandria, Va., corner of Prince and Columbus Sts.
Third Division General, Alexandria, Va., Washington St. between Queen and Cameron Sts.

Note: Frederick Holbrook, State Agent for Vermont, offices at 456 14th St.