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Civil War Medicine Links

Please note that some of these are not our pages, and I only occasionally check to see if they are still there; if you have problems accessing one or more, send an email to the Webmaster (see link at bottom of page)

Aiding the Sick and Wounded - AG62

Army Medical Museum Case Histories

Buxton, William B., USSC

Civil War Medical Terms (More)

Countway Library of Medicine Case Studies

Downs, L. B. Jenison, biography

From Battlefield to Hospital

Honorable Scars

Hospital Arrangements - AG64

In the Hospital

Instructions for Determining Disabilities - AG62

Medical/Hospitals - AG63


Missing Soldiers (Clara Barton post-war)

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

New York Academy of Medicine


Phelps, Edward E., Surgeon, Report of 19 Sep 63 - AG63

Sanitary Commission

Soldiers in Hospital - AG65

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, "Medical Examiners"

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, 1863 Report

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, Biography

Thayer, Samuel W., Surgeon General, Memorial Service

Thayer, Samuel w., Surgeon General, Obituary

The Microscopic War

The Surgical War

Vermont's Medical Team Goes to War