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Artists and Photographers

William Frank Browne
(Northfield, 15th Vermont Infantry)

Check out the Library of Congress site for some of Brown's photographs.

A. A. Carter, artist
(Brattleboro, 4th Infantry)

Fourth Vermont on the Mud March. (VHS)

James Hope, artist
(Castleton, 2d Infantry)

Burnside's Attack over the Lower Bridge (NPS, Antietam)

Confederate Dead in the Bloody Lane (NPS, Antietam)

French's Attack on the Sunken Road (NPS, Antietam)

Second Vermont at Bull Run. (Howard Coffin)

Sedgwick's Attack on the Dunker Church (NPS, Antietam)

7th Maine's Attack on the Piper Cornfield (NPS, Antietam)

Vermont Burial at Camp Griffin (UVM)

Winter Quarters of the Vermont Brigade In Front of Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1862-1863 (VHS)

George Houghton, photographer

Co. A, 4th Vermont Volunteers at Charge of Bayonet (UVM)

4th Vermont Volunteer Regimental Band at Camp Griffin, Va. (UVM)

Camp of the 13th Vermont at Wolf Run Shoals, Va. (UVM)

12th Vermont Camp at Wolf Run Shoals, Va. (UVM)

Rebel Fortifications at Lee's Mill, Va. Photographed while yet occupied by enemy. (UVM)

Non-Commissioned Staff of the 2nd Vermont Volunteers. (UVM)

Masked Battery, 10lb. Parrott Guns at the Golding Farm. (UVM)

When Will This Cruel War Be Over? (UVM)

Quartermaster's Tent After Being Hit by a Shell in the Seven Days Battle (UVM)

Artillery Practice Near the Gaines House. (UVM)

Col. Berdan (U. S. Sharpshooters) and California Joe (his horse) (UVM)

Burial Place of 3rd Vermont Volunteers Killed at Lee's Mill, Va. (UVM)

Group of Co. F, 4th Vermont Volunteers. (UVM)


See also the John Gibson Collection, which includes five Houghton photographs, and the Library of Congress site

William Henry Jackson, artist
(Rutland, 12th Vermont Infantry)

(Most of his work is at Scott's Bluff National Monument, Gering, Nebraska.)

Blockhouse protecting Catlett's Station

Bull Run picket.

Camp Seward.

Camp Sutler.

Detail for Fatigue Duty.

House at Fairfax Courthouse, 1863.

Railroad bridge at Union Mills.

Soldiers demolishing a Virginia house.

Stockaded Tent.

Vermont camp in a Virginia blizzard.

Vermonters cooking in Camp.

Vermont soldiers on abandoned Confederate earthworks overlooking Centreville, VA.

See also the Library of Congress site for additional Jackson photographs.

Larkin Goldsmith Mead, artist
(Brattleboro, not a veteran)

Ethan Allen statue, Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier

Ethan Allen, National Hall of Statuary, Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Lincoln's Tomb

Sketch of Vermonters at Lee's Mills (UVM)

"Triumph of Ceres," Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Ill.

See also the Library of Congress site for photographs by Mead.

Julian Scott, artist
(Johnson, 3rd Infantry)

Cedar Creek. (Vermont State House)