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Carl Braun Collection
Hand-scribed document

                         State of Vermont

   We whose names are herewith affixed do sevrelly consent and

by our signatures herewith made do agree to be enrolled in to

the Cavendish Light Infantry a company of volenteere Malitia now

raised in the said Town of Cavendish and vicinity  Subject to

the order of the commander in chief and in consideration of pay

and equi9pments to be furnished by the State of Vermont we do

here by agree to serve for the period of one year unless sooner

discharged  Agreably to Law and this Enlistment we enter into

with full understanding that we are liable at any moment to be

ordered into active service under the Government of the United


                                          Cavendish   April 18/61

         duplicate                        A D Pinknell

                                          Henry Allen

                                          Amasa Pregent

                                          Albert W. Allen

                                          H. C. Williams

                                          Benjamin Kendrick

                                          James H. Allen

                                          Albert S. Clapp

                                          Charles Wheeler

                                          L. W. Kendall

                                          George B. Hopkins

                                          Roswell W. Frost

                                          Wm H. Perkins

                                          Wm H. Blodgett

                                          Clark W. Pease

                                          Perry S. Bridges

                                          Ezra M. DeCamp

Source: Transcript of an original manuscript from the collection of Carl Braun, Windsor, Vt.

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