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Virtual Museum

The Carl Braun Collection

Identification Disks

Charles Braun id disk

Non Vermont item but probably Carl's relative
Identification Disc or "Lover's Pin" made from coin
Initials C.E.B. for Charles Ernst Braun
Pvt. Co H. 28th New York
Dischg 7/22/63

Austin C. Slayton id disk

6th Corp Badge
Identified to:
Austin C. Slayton
3rd Vt. Co. K
E. Montpelier, Vt.
Enlisted 7/10/61
Mustered out 7/27/64

> David O. Headle id disk

Identification disc
David O. Headle
2nd US Sharpshooter, Co E
Shrewsbury, Vt.
Enlisted 12/7/63
Died of Disease 2/3/64

Hiram Huntoon ID disk

Hiram J. Huntoon
5th Vt. Co. I
Shrewsbury, Vt.
Enlisted 8/21/61
Captured Savage's Station 6/29/62
Paroled 9/13/62
Mustered out 10/9/64

Edward H. Perkins id disk

Identification disc
Edward H. Perkins
6th Vt. Co. C
Woodstock, Vt.
Enlisted 9/23/61
Deserted 6/30/63
Returned 10/24/63
Reduced in Rank
Discharged 10/28/64

William C. Tracy id disk

Identification disc
William C. Tracey
4th Vt. Co. K
Windsor, Vt.
Enlisted 9/14/61 (2nd Lt.)
Promoted 11/5/62 (1st Lt. Co. H)
Wounded, Wilderness, 5/5/64
KIA Weldon Railroad 6/23/64

William L. Washburn id disk

Identification Disc
William L. Washburn
4th Vt. Co G.
East Montpelier
Enlisted 8/28/61
Discharged 2/17/63 disability

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