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Corps Badges

"During the Civil War the Corps badges made out of colored cloth were issued to soldiers and typically worn on top of kepis. In addition to these many soldiers privately purchased higher quality badges, which were often worn over the left breast pocket. These were often engraved with the soldier's name and regiment and doubled as identification. These additional privately purchased badges were not officially approved. These badges exist in nearly endless variations and were jeweler made in small numbers." (

Baker, Julius A.
Barnes, Robert C.
Bartlett, Clarence A.
Fifield, Hiram M.
Germain, James D.
Grace, James
James, George W.
Jones, Henry C.
Mills, Ira
Parker, Alvin J.
Phillips, Edwin
Pierce, Payson A.
Slayton, Austin C.
Smith, Edward H.
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer
Varney, Harrison W.
Wales, Elijah
Watts, Chandler
Whittier, James John