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12th US Infantry Recruiting Poster
13th Vermont Letterhead
Allen, Heman Woods, memorial
Barton, Charles, certificate of service
Berry, Stephen, discharge
Betney, John, pension related documents
Bickford, Oscar C., discharge
Bill of Sale (for a horse)
Blanchard, Hiram K., Disability discharge
Carpenter, Joel, discharge
Cavendish Light Artillery, enrollment
Cook, Nelson, pension papers
Dunn, John, proof of service
Eastman, George F., discharge certificate
Farnum, Joseph, certificate of Records
Farnum, Joseph, Discharge Certificate
GAR Post Charter petition
Girouard, Raymond, service documents
Grand Union Ball advertisement
Morey, Mills M., proof of service
Recruiting and Recruiters
Recruiting Poster, 10th Infantry
Recruiting Poster, 1st Cavalry
Recruiting Poster, 4th Vermont
Recruiting poster, 7th Vermont
Recruiting Poster, Sharpshooters
Taplin, Eben, promotion letter
Taplin, Eben, proof of service
Tyler, William H., bid for a discharge from the service
White, George W., discharge