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Patriotic Postcards
from the collection of Deanna French

I started collecting vintage paper items about fifteen years ago. My first endeavor was obituaries of Lamoille County Civil War Veterans, which I am constantly looking for. I then went to postcards, first Morrisville/Johnson scenes, then expanded to include other towns in the county. I added the patriotic cards about five years ago, after finding a nice one at a flea market, and I just had to have it. These collections keep snowballing, and never end. Every item I have centers around my love for God/Country/Vermont. - DLF

No Vermonters in Heaven

Your Flag and My Flag

The Star-Spangled Banner!

His Name Is Known dedicated to the Unknown Soldier

The Honored G.A.R.

With Malice Toward None...

Pride, and glory and honor...


Brattleboro Civil War Monument

Cavendish Civil War Monument

Hardwick Memorial Building

Morrisville Civil War Monument