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Saint Albans Messenger, May 26, 1910

Hardwick Memorial Hall.

Building to the Sailors and Soldiers of the Civil War Will Cost $13,500.

Hardwick, May 23. -- At the special town meeting Saturday afternoon the town voted to appropriate the sum of $13,500 for a memorial building to the soldiers and sailors who served during the War of the Rebellion. The town had previously appropriated $1,500 for the purpose, and the local G.A.R. post and Relief Corps have $2,500, which they have raised for this purpose by subscription.

The village voted to give the present site occupied as the lockup and hose house. The building will be moved back from its present location.

The memorial building will be of brick, three stories high. The lower floor will be occupied by the town and village for their offices and the second and third stories by the G.A.R. and Relief Corps.