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John Gibson Collection

Uniform Buttons

VT5 - Albert's VT5/Tice VT205 - Vermont Militia, one piece flat, general service use - silver plated examples were for infantry, gold plated for artillery militiamen. Backmark: R&W Robinson Attleborough ***Extra***Rich


VT6 - Albert's VT6/Tice VT210 - Vermont Militia Artillery, flat, one piece - Backmark: R&W Robinson Attleborough***Extra*** Rich; addendum note: buttons VT4-5-6-7-8 date to the Antebellum and Civil War Periods 1830-1865


VT7 - Albert's Vt7/Tice 215 - Vermont Militia, Light Infantry, flat, one piece. These are usually attributed to Flank Light Infantry Companies. Backmark: R&W Robinson Attleborough ***Extra***Rich.


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