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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of First Vermont Infantry


1st Infantry Regimental Flag
(Vermont State House Curator)

Note: All of these also served in other Vermont units, and appear in the albums with those units as well.

Click on a name to display his photograph, service details, and known vital statistics.

Belden, Henry D.

Bolton, James F.

Bronson, Martin V. B.

Chase, George D.

Child, Willard Augustus

Chilton, Alexander W.

Clark, Thomas R.

Cleveland, Henry C.

Conant, Freeman C.

Croff, George E.

Davis, George Evans

Getchell, Alfred E.

Gould, Edward F.

Grace, James

Holton, Edward A.

Ingleston, William H.

Kelley, Samuel H.

Kingsley, Levi Gleason

Lewis, Edwin C.

Moseley, John L.

Nichols, William Thomas

Peck, David Brainerd

Pier, Orris

Randall, George C.

Robie, Nathaniel

Savage, Joseph F.

Seligson, Herman A.

Smalley, Darwin A.

Sneden, George Walter

Sperry, William Joseph

Stearns, John C.

Tuttle, Oscar Stratton

Warren, George W.

Wood, Seymour H.

Woodward, Solomon Erskine

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