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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Second Vermont Infantry


2nd Infantry Regimental Flag (1861)
(Vermont State House Curator)


Band from Hoosick Falls dated 1861 place/camp photographer unknown

Gustavus Foster, Rufus Holbrook, Chauncey Marsh, Durrane Abell and Joseph Lottridge, left to right.

The man behind the tent on the right and the African American on the left were not identified.

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Adams, George Sherburne

Allen, James

Bailey, Samuel W.

Baldwin, Eri George

Ballou, Erastus G.

Barrett, Henry

Bascom, John T.

Beckwith, Albert D.

Bridgeman, George W.

Brown, Daniel R.

Brush, Henry B.

Butterfield, Byron H.

Cady, William H.

Cannon, Daniel

Carpenter, Benjamin Walter

Chase, Edwin B.

Chase, Phillips E.

Clark, Dayton Perry

Comstock, Henry Alonzo

Cook, Madison

Dunham, Denison C.

Ferry, Amasa W.

Fish, Frederick A.

Fisher, Elijah B.

Fisk, Wilbur

Flagg, George W.

French, George A.

Frost, Daniel P.

Frost, Stephen

Fullam, Volney Sewell

Gale, Albert B.

Gifford, Warren

Gleason, Seneca B.

Harrington, Ephraim Wood

Hartwell, Charles C.

Harwood, Justin W.

Hayward, Henry Reuben

Headle, Elwin R.

Henry, William Wirt

Hight, Bradbury Wallace

Holbrook, Selah Hosley

Howard, James G.

Howe, Oramel G.

Hubbard, Myron E.

Johnson, Enoch E.

Jones, Henry C.

Joyce, Charles Herbert

Kilburn, Joseph W.

Knapp, Horace M.

Leazer, Samuel

Loomis, Alden C.

Loveland, Lucius V.

May, Albert Abraham

Miller, Morris G.

Moore, Orville E.

Morey, Charles Carroll

Morrison, George

Ordway, George Blanchard

Parkhurst, Sherman W.

Perham, Merritt

Phillips, Walter Arnold

Prentice, Benjamin B.

Priest, Charles Wesley

Prouty, Henry Harrison

Ray, Abel T. Jr.

Ray, Charles H.

Richardson, George W.

Richardson, John Calvin

Richardson, Silas W.

Riggs, Henry H.

Robbins, Augustus J.

Roberts, Burton N.

Rogers, Hoxey Constant

Sargent, Mark J.

Savage, Lucius D.

Sawyer, Alphonso R.

Sawyer, Leroy Winslow

Scott, Wait

Sibley, Ebenezer K.

Soule, Hiram E.

Squires, Ezra W.

Stafford, Emerson

Stannard, George Jerrison

Stone, Newton

Strong, Lemuel Davis

Taylor, Horatio Foster

Tenney, Marquis E.

Tenney, Whitney

Tracy, Amasa Sawyer

Tyler, John Steele

Walcott, James A.

Wales, Elijah

Ward, Oric R.

Wells, Perry G.

White, Daniel Stearns

Williams, Wallace Edward

Albert May's Photograph Album

Five Co. F, 2nd Vt. Sergeants

Scott Family

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