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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Sixth Vermont Infantry


6th Infantry Regimental Flag
(Vermont State House Curator)

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Babcock, George C.

Barney, Elisha L.

Bliss, George C.

Blood, Willard F.

Blunt, Asa Peabody

Bradbury, Frank B.

Brownlee, James T.

Campbell, Bertrand Delos

Chandler, Charles Marcellus

Chase, Nelson W.

Clark, Harvey O.

Clark, James

Clark, Thomas R.

Cleveland, Henry C.

Crandall, Richard Bailey

Crane, Porter C. Jr.

Davis, Martin Warner

Divoll, Charles P.

Divoll, Morris L.

English, Hiram Steele

Fuller, Samuel G.

Gladden, Atwood Mark

Hancock, William Burr

Hatch, George H.

Holbrook, Selah Hosley

Holt, Andrew J.

Holton, Edward A.

Ingleston, William H.

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Franklin D.

Keith, Alfred Horton

Kennedy, Thomas B.

Leazer, Samuel

Lewis, Edwin C.

Lord, Nathan S. Jr.

Mason, Dan

McGowen, John

Murphy, Patrick Henry

Parker, George Andrew

Perkins, Edward H.

Phillips, Edwin

Pier, Orris

Pratt, George S.

Ralph, William H. H.

Randall, Charles J. S.

Randall, George C.

Richardson, Edwin R.

Shiney, Joseph

Small, Herman L.

Spaulding, Jesse C.

Sperry, William Joseph

Spicer, Albion H.

Stickney, Joshua G.

Tuttle, Lyman Morver

Tuttle, Oscar Stratton

Vaughan, William C.

Vernal, Harmon

White, Samuel G.

Whitney, Henry H.

Whittier, Edwin Stephen

Wright, John Henry

1862 Albumen photo of the 6th Vermont in camp at Hagerstown, Maryland
where they camped for a month after Antietam.

Seated on the very left is Medal of Honor recipient Cpt. John Wesley Clark,
age 33, of Montpelier, Vt, comn QM 6th Vt 9/28/61,
wdd near Warrenton 7/28/63, pr Cpt & AQM USV 4/7/64, mo 12/6/64.

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