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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Eighth Vermont Infantry


8th Infantry Regimental Flag
(Vermont State House Curator)

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Ailes, Sylvanus F.

Austin, George H.

Bates, Albert G.

Brown, Edward Marcus

Brown, Kirk Fales

Brown, Samuel B.

Bruce, Martin L.

Carpenter, George Nathaniel

Carpenter, Henry

Cheney, Nathan Cluff

Colby, Russell D.

Dow, Henry A.

Downs, Henry W.

Dutton, Henry Forest

Emerson, Horace P.

Ford, George Osman

Franklin, Alvin B.

Getchell, Alfred E.

Gould, Edward F.

Hall, Edward

Harrington, George R.

Haskins, William H.

Hill, Herbert E.

Hodgkins, Merrill Levi

Holton, William H. H.

Howard, Squire Edward

Hutchinson, Lemuel Murdock

Jenkins, Amos L.

Kerr, Alonzo D.

Knox, Charles R.

Lewis, Sumner West

McFarland, Moses

Merrifield, Albert H.

Miles, Joseph O.

Newton, William H. H.

Page, Albert W.

Petrie, John

Pettee, Waitstill R.

Pike, John M.

Pollard, Henry Moses

Porter, Robert Perry Jr.

Prince, Daniel

Rand, Gilman S.

Rich, James D.

Robie, Nathaniel

Shores, Ethan Prescott

Shores, Paschal Prescott

Smith, Charles S.

Smith, Frederick Elijah

Smith, Henry J.

Smith, William H.

Styles, Jeremiah D.

Thomas, Stephen

Titus, Lewis R.

Ward, Austin Harrison

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