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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Ninth Vermont Infantry


9th Infantry National Flag (1865)
(Vermont State House Curator)

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Ainsworth, Eugene D.

Baker, Joel Clarke

Ballard, Alfred Cowles

Bartlett, Amasa

Bascom, John T.

Batchelder, Charles M.

Belden, Henry D.

Bisbee, Lewis Henry

Blanchard, Hiram K.

Bolton, James F.

Brooks, Joseph C.

Carlton, John C.

Carpenter, Benjamin Walter

Fairman, Erastus Philo

Foss, Elijah D.

Gorham, James Tottingham

Goss, Story Norman

Gray, John

Guyer, Guy H.

Hall, George Burton

Hall, Horace P.

Haskell, Charles Warren

Henderson, William J.

Jarvis, Charles

Jewett, Erastus W.

Kelley, Edward L.

Kelley, Samuel H.

Lewis, David Wilkinson

Livingston, Josiah O.

Peck, Theodore Safford

Quimby, Elisha Marshall

Rice, Franklin Eugene

Sawyer, Francis Oliver

Scott, Bradford T.

Seligson, Herman A.

Shedd, Lorenzo William

Sherman, Linus Elias

Smith, Theodore Robert

Sneden, George Walter

Snow, Asa Hayes

Stannard, George Jerrison

Stearns, John C.

Stowell, Edwin Sherwood

Vaughan, Alvan P.

Viele, Eugene

1/2 plate image of eight identified Co. K 9th Vt. members, all from Dummerston:

Standing - left to right:

Pvt. Charles L. Dodge, age 17
Died in service 12/5/64 Smith Hospital, Brattleboro

Pvt. William L.G. Whitney, age 18
Died in service in Field Hospital near Petersburg, Va. 12/11/64

Pvt. George T. Whitney, age 23
Like his brother, died in service in a field hospital near Petersburg, Va 12/11/64

Pvt. Harrison K. Bacon, age 21
WIA Chapins Farm 9/24/64, pr 2LT 7/3/65
pr 1LT 11/17/65, mo 12/1/65

Seated front - left to right:

Pvt. John Miller, age 27
Pr Corp 6/5/65, mo 12/1/65

Pvt. Aurelius Pettee, age 32
Tr to Co. C 6/13/65, mo 12/1/65

Pvt. William D. Aiken, age 26
Pr Corp 6/5/65, mo 12/1/65

Pvt. John L. Willard, age 22
Pr Corp 6/5/65, mo 12/1/65

Not sure of the relationships in this photo, they appear to be 4 married couples.
Front row, seated left - David Rollins Co. H 3rd Vermont
Back row, standing third from left - Charles M. Batchelder, Co. E 9th Vermont

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