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John Gibson Collection

Photographs of Vermont Sharpshooters


3rd Sharpshooter National Flag
(Vermont State House Curator)

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Bronson, Martin V. B.

Chase, George D.

Churchill, William H.

Clark, James Binney

Coburn, Oscar

Cummings, Henry O.

Eaton, Orville M.

Farnham, George

Griffin, Almon D.

Grover, Lyman D.

Holley, Franklin Sullivan

Houghton, Henry Homer

Joslyn, Edwin

Joslyn, Eugene E.

Kinsman, Henry E.

Lyman, Edward

Merriman, Charles D.

Nichols, Henry C.

Petrie, William H.

Quinlan, John

Richardson, John N.

Robinson, Edwin E.

Scott, William M.

Shattuck, William Andrew

Tower, George Rilely

Weston, Edmund Jr.

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