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11th Vermont Infantry (aka 1st Artillery, 11th Vermont Volunteers)

Lieutenant Henry Edson Bedell's 1864 Diary

May 4th, 1864     Wednesday 
I am officer of the day. We were 
inspected by Lieutenant Colonel. 
He was keen on Artillery. Passed a 
good inspection. Quite warm and 
pleasant. Benjamin Place brother 
came here from Jay.  He had been 
home on furlow & re-enlisted again 
for 3 years. The suttler opened a 
shop to our Fort.  Capt Walker went 
to the City. Countersigned for day.
(Private Benjamin F. Place, Co. D - Jay, Vt.)
(Private James A. Place 6th VT Co. D - Jay, Vt.)
(Major Aldace F. Walker, Staff - Middlebury, Vt.)

May 5th,     Thursday 
Lieut. Dodge is officer of the day. We 
went over to Fort Lincoln to recite to 
Major Chamberlin. I got a letter from 
my wife. My folks were all well. I 
wrote an answer to it. Shall send it in 
the morning. George and I rode over 
to Lincoln on horse back. Daniel Burt 
paid up on getting married. Dave 
and Moody went out in the country, 
got home pretty tired. Lieut Lewis 
went to town Capt. Walker went to 
Ft. Stevens on a Court Marshall for 
Wm. Gage. A warm day. Bought a 
sword off Wm. Hudson Gave him 
$2.00 Oliver cleaned it up got it 
looking well. Walker & Lewis hired 
Oliver's brother for a waiter.
(Lt. Col. George Chamberlin, Staff - St. Johnsbury, Vt.)
(Sergeant Daniel Burt Jr. Co. D - Troy, Vt.)
(Corporal Moody Bedell, Co. D - Barton, Vt.)
(Captain Charles J. Lewis, Co. D - Middlesex, Vt.)
(Lieut. William W. Gage, Co. F - Monkton, Vt.)
(Lieut. William Hudson, Co. B - Stowe, Vt.)
(Oliver is Bedell's "colored servant boy")

May 6th, 1864         Friday
Warm and pleasant this morning.
Lieutenant Lewis is Officer of the day.
Capt. Walker is a going to Ft. Stevens
to a court marshal of William Gage.
Sent a letter to Emeline. moody is on
Guard and so Ft. Lincoln to Battalion 
Drill. It was awful hot.
(Captain Charles J. Lewis, Co. D - Middlesex, Vt.)
(Major Aldace F. Walker, Staff - Middlebury, Vt.)
(Lieut. William W. Gage, Co F - Monkton, Vt.)
(Corporal Moody Bedell, Co. D - Barton, Vt.)
(Sergt. David H. Gilman, Co. D - Westfield, Vt.)
May 7th            Saturday

Warmest day we have had this spring.
Went to Bunker Hil to a Brigade Drill.
Got most tuckered out.  Lieut Dunham
is Officer of the day. I had command of 
Batty B. I went by the suttler to get
me a box of clothes and shoes. I sold
my old ones to Oliver for $2.00.
(Lieutenant William G. Dunham, Co. D - Morristown, Vt.)
(Oliver is Bidell's "colored servant boy")
May 8th            Sunday 
Morning, countersign Georgetown. Warm
and pleasant. Had a Post Inspection
and then went to Fort Lincoln Drill Ground
and carried knapsacks. The boys were
pretty mad. I am Officer of the Day but
I changed to go over to Lincoln with
Lieut. Dodge for he was lame. Colonel
Warner came over and said we would
have to go into the field within a week.
(Lieutenant Chester W. Dodge, Co. D - Morristown, Vt.)
(Colonel James M. Warner, Staff - Middlebury, Vt.)

Morgan, VT  April 19th 1863            

Sister Emeline & Children
            I sit down to
write you a few lines to let you know
how we are getting along. We are all
smart. I believe Jasper has sold his
place to Father. He has bought about 
35 acres off Mr. Haskett and has moved
up on it. Mother is here keeping house
for me. She is a going to stay until
the snow is all gone. That won't be 
very long if it goes as fast as it has 
for the last few days. I had a letter 
from Edson last week. He was well.
He sent me his picture about four
weeks ago. He looked as if he was
strong and rugged.

     Emeline, I should like to come
over and make a visit, but can't. This 
summer I suppose. I think Some of 
going to New York this spring. We 
are having very nice weather here now.
Well Emeline, how are you getting along
alone? Well I hope. Are the children
well this spring?


Tell them to be good children and mind
their mother. It is very sickley here this
spring. The small pox is again in West
Charleston very hard. I am in hopes that
I shall not have it or any the rest of the 
folks. Please write to me as soon as
you get this. From your Brother & 
Mother Amanda & Moody Bedell, 
East Charleston, Vt.  Write to 
Edson Bedell, Bat. D - 1st Vt. Art.
(Letter written by Moody Bedell but never sent. It was left in his notebook which he subsequently gave to Henry to use as a diary. Henry, Moody and Jasper are brothers. Amanda is their mother. Henry was called Edson by friends and family)
May 9, 1864          Monday
Lieutenant Lewis is officer of the day. 
It is quite warm but not as warm as it
was yesterday. We have got to go 
to Fort Lincoln at 4 o'clock PM to a 
Battalion Drill. Capt. Walker has gone
to Fort Stevens. I packed up some of
my  things to send home. Evening was
warm and pleasant. Got home from
Battalion Drill. I got a letter from my 
wife. Found them all well. Em wrote
to me that she had put some pants 
onto Alden. The birds here are singing
something lovely. Must write to Emeline.


May 10, 1864         Tuesday
Warm but cloudy. The morning looks some
like rain. Sent a letter to Emeline. Lieut.
Lieut Dodge is officer of the day. Dunham 
and Lewis went over to Fort Lincoln to write
a lesson to Major Chamberland. I did not
feel very well so I did not go. We went in
the fore noon to Bunker Hill to a Brigade
Drill. I took command of Batty. G.
(Lt. Colonel George Chamberlin, - St. Johnsbury, Vt.)
May 11            Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. Moody is on guard 
and I am on as Officer of the day. Lieut..
Dunham has gone to the City on a pass.
Moody has gone to the city with a prisoner.
The wind blows up some like rain.  E. Bapp
has gone to the city. Wednesday evening:
the talk is now that we shall have to move
in the morning. It is raining now. Capt.
Walker has just got home from Ft. Slocum.
The countersign word is Hamilton.
(Corporal Moody Bedell, Co. D - Barton, Vt.)
(Private Erza S. Bapp, Co. D - Westfield, Vt.)
May 12            Thursday
Started for the front. Stayed over night 
at Bell Plain. It rained hard. Camped out
for the first time. Saw a lot of wounded 


May 13, 1864         Friday
Started from Belle Plain,  We met 
8000 Rebel prisoners. They were
a going to Washington. It was rather
muddy walking.

May 14            Saturday
Rather cool. We had Hard Tack for 
breakfast. Got to the front after dark.
It rained.

May 15            Sunday
Cool and raining. I saw a lot of the 
Old Brigade Boys. We joined the
Vt. Brigade in the 6th Corps.

May 16            Monday
Cool and foggy. Oliver my colored
boy was taken sick. I wrote a letter
to my wife. I was hard sick.
May 17            Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. We layed in 
support of a field battery.  At night
we had orders to march. I was sick.

May 18            Wednesday
Cool and warmer. was wounded in the
neck in the first fight we ever was in. 
I did not eat for 2 or 3 days. We fought
for 5 hours. Lost in the Regt., 13 men. 
Lieutenant Wilson had his arm shot off.
(Bedell was mistaken here. No Lieut. Wilson was wounded this day, however Benedict (Vermont In The Civil War) states that Lieut.. N. Newton Glazier of Co. A had his arm shot off on 5-18-64)

May 19, 1864         Thursday
Warm. We marched at 12 in the morning.
I was some better. We built some rifle pits. 
It was rainy in the afternoon.

May 20            Friday
Some rain. We moved to our right a half
a mile. Went on Pickett. Major Hunsdon 
Captain Walker and forty men.
(Lt. Colonel Charles Hunsdon, Staff - Shoreham, Vt.)
May 21            Saturday
Quite warm. The Sharp Shooters got a
pretty good range on we Officers.  Had
a small fight at night. Geo. Stevens and
Joseph Larock were killed. Zelora Marsh
was wounded in the eye. This was at
(Private Joseph Larock, Co. D - Mongomery, Vt.)
(Corporal George O. Stevens, Co. D - Stowe, Vt.)
(Corporal Zelora Marsh, Co. D - Westfield, Vt.)
May 22            Sunday
Quite warm. Our Army moved towards
Richmond. We covered the rear. Marched
15 miles, had a hard time. I came very near
getting sun stroke. Moody was not very
well but he kept up.

May 23            Monday
Some cloudy but warm. Had a hard march.
Got to South Hampton where they had a 
smart fight . Our soldiers drove the 
Johnnies back. We were not engaged
at this time.


May 24, 1864         Tuesday
We formed a line of Battle. It was quite 
warm.  We are on the move but slow.
Moody is not very well. Pitched our tents
and stoped all day. Went to the river and 
washed up.  Capt. Templeton put in arrest.
(Captain Robinson Templeton, Co. I - Worchester, Vt.)
May 25            Wednesday
Warm and quite pleasant. Moody is quite 
sick. We have orders to march. The army
is on the move. Capt. Walker acting as Major.
Moved about 2 miles. Moody is up to the 

May 26            Thursday 
Raining very hard. Got within five
miles of Hanover Junction. Had orders 
to be ready for a long march and to
draw rations.

May 27            Friday
Marched all day. Quite warm. Got within
three miles of the Per Monkey River. Moody
rode in the ambulance. I was some tired.

May 28            Saturday
Warm and pleasant. Started for the White
House. Moody went a foot. We crossed the
Permonkey River and went to making
rifle pits.


May 29, 1864         Sunday
Warm and pleasant. Stoped in Camp.
Lived on parched corn all day. Not 
much fiting.

May 30            Monday
Went up near Hanover Court House and
burnt up a lot of Rail Road and a Depot.
then we started towards Richmond. Had
a smart fight on our left.

May 31            Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. We are in line of
Battle. Got four letters from home. My
folks are all well. Hard fiting on our left.

June 1            Wednesday
Started on a march and had a hard one 
I'll tell you. We got to Cold Harbor where
our folks are fiting hard. We were drawed up
in a line and shoved into the fight in a hurry
we had quite a lot killed and wounded.
(The Battle of Cold Harbor June 1 to June 12)
June 2            Thursday
We finished up our rifle pits and went
to fiting. I was not very well. It commenced
to rain quite hard.

June 3            Friday
Damp and cold. Commenced to advance in 
line of Battle. We are in the Chickahomany
Swamps under fire, but pretty well covered.
The Johneys tried to break our lines.


June 4, 1864         Saturday
Made some more rifle pits. Got some
letters from home. The balls flew thick

June 5            Sunday
Had a sharp fight on our left just after dark. 
We moved in to the front line of Battle and
finished some rifle pits. I worked all night.

June 6            Monday
Layed behind rifle pits all day. At night
moved out into 3rd line of pits and stoped
all night. Farnsworth & T. Clarey wounded.
(Private Ebenezer G. Farnsworth, Co. D - Wolcott, Vt.)
(Private Thomas Clarey, Co. D - Huntington, Vt.)
June 7            Tuesday
Quite cool. Moved back to the rear in to 
a pine grove and the Rebs shelled us out
very quick. We put up some works on right.

June 8            Wednesday
Wrote to Emeline. Cloudy and cool. In camp all
day. Drawed some clothing. I got a pair of pants.

June 9            Thursday
Quite warm. We still stay in camp.  Bought a 
watch off Joseph Martin. Sergt.. Fisher, Corp.
Tillotsen, Christmas & Gordon came to the Co.
(Private Joseph Martin, Co. D - Westfield, Vt.)
(Sergeant Henry J. Fisher, Co. D - Wolcott, Vt.)
(Corporal Orlando M. Tillotson, Co. D - Wolcott, Vt.)
(Private George Christmas, Co. D - Williston, Vt.)
(Private Edward Gordon, Co. D - Bridgeport, Vt.)
June 10            Friday
A letter form Emeline, all well. Warm and  
pleasant. Still in camp. Had some beans
for dinner.


June 11, 1864         Saturday
Went to the front line of Battle. No one in
our Battery killed. George Whitney wounded
in head, slightly. Warm and pleasant.
(Private George S. Whitney, Co. D - Stowe, Vt.)
June 12,           Sunday
Still in front line. No one killed. No 
fighting today, but as soon as dark came
the shells came in fast.  We had orders
to move out in a hurry. We started for 
the James River. Went to Charles City
Court House. Warm.

June 13,           Monday
Warm and pleasant. On the march.
Colonel Sever in Command of our Regt.
Troubled with the Summer Complaint, 
Colonel Benton has gone to the hospital.
Stoped out over the Chichomony all night.
(Colonel Thomas O. Seaver, 3rd Vt - Pomfret, Vt.)
(Lt. Colonel Reubin C. Benton, 11th Vt - Hyde Park, Vt.)
June 14,           Tuesday  
Warm and pleasant. Marched some 6 miles
and stoped within 1/2 mile of Charles City
Court House. Our first Battalion went out to
work on roads. We formed a line of Battle 
and went and washed up. 

June 15            Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. Moved some 2 miles and
stoped over night. Lieut.. Dunham went on Pickett.
We bought a horse off Nelson. Gave him $2.00    
in to the second line of pits.


June 16, 1864         Thursday
Warm and pleasant. We moved our line 
of Battle some 1/2 mile and put up some
earth works.  Started for Harrison landing
crost the river at Duskins.  The James had 
100 pontoons.

June 17            Friday
Warm and pleasant. We marched all night
last night. My feet got very sore. We stoped
for Breakfast at 7 o'clock, drawed rations
At noon we moved down within 2 miles of
Petersburg. Things looks some blue.

June 18            Saturday
In earth works. Warm and pleasant. Supporting
Maine Battery. Colored boy Oliver ran away.
We advanced our lines. Had a good nights
rest. Had a letter from home.

June 19            Sunday
Very warm and pleasant. Chester Dodge went 
down to the Div. Hospital. We moved
in to the second line of pits.

June 20            Monday
Warm and pleasant.  Lieut. Dodge on Pickett.
Drawed rations. I am in command of 2nd Company.
The balls come over quite thick. We moved to
our left in to the front line of Battle. The 
Maine Battery set a house on fire with the 
second shot they made.


June 21, 1864           Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. The Jonnies commenced
to fire pretty smart. We were relieved at
eleven o'clock and started for the South side
of Petersburg. Moody was detaied as orderly
for General Grant. I got a letter from home.
(Corporal Moody Bedell, Co. D - Barton, Vt.)
(General Lewis A. Grant - Vt Brigade - Burlington, Vt)
June 22            Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. We are on the move 
to our left. Stoped in the rear of the picquett
line in the woods.

June 23            Thursday
Went on Picquett on the skirmish line.
We advanced in the afternoon. Lieut. Chase
taken prisoner. Lieutenant Sherman shot
by my side in the fore head. I was left in
charge of 380 men.  It was a hard fight 
for a short one. They took some 400
of our men from one of the Battalions.
Peter White wounded.
(Lieutenant Oren G. Chase, Co A & C - St. Johnsbury, Vt.)
(Lieutenant Merritt H. Sherman, Co C - Clarendon, Vt.)
Peter White, Co D - Morristown, Vt.)
(The fighting took place at Weldon Railroad, Va..)
June 24            Friday
We were on the skirmish line. Stayed
on until 3 o'clock before we were relieved.
Came back to the rear near Grant's Head Qua.

June 25           Saturday
Very hot.  Wrote a letter home. I went
on detail putting up abatus.


June 26, 1864         Sunday
Quite warm and pleasant. Our men are 
fiting on our right. Daniel Burt put me up
a good tent in the shade. 3 o'clock,
moved a little to our left. Wrote Father.
(Sergeant Daniel Burt, Co. D - Troy, Vt.)
June 27            Monday
Some cooler. We moved some 60 rods 
to our left and comenced to put up some
rifle pits. I was in charge of them. Got 
most of them done. Layed out our Co. streets.

June 28            Tuesday
Cool but pleasant. Finished the rifle pits
and picked up the grounds. Moody is at
his turn of duty to day. He has been to our
company 6 or 8 times.

June 29            Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. We were inspected 
by General Wright. Our Boys cleaned up
the grounds in good shape. We still stay
in camp. I wrote a letter to Emeline.

June 30             Thursday
We advanced our picquitt line. Found a 
dubble barrel shot gun. We were drawed
up in the night. We did not get into the
fight this time. 


July 1st 1864         Friday
Warm and cloudy. Looks some like rain.

July 2            Saturday
Warm and pleasant. Moved back from the 
Rail road where we started from. I was in
command of Company K. Got a letter, all
is well at home.

July 3            Sunday
Warm and pleasant. Moody was sick with the
Colic. Lieut.. Todd came back to the Company,
so I went back to my company.
(Lieutenant Edward A. Todd, Co K - Brattleboro, Vt.)
July 4            Monday
Quite warm but cloudy. It seems like Sunday.
Made me a bed. Wrote to Emeline. Had a
fine dinner.

July 5            Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. Went on fatigue with Capt.
Lee. Moody had the colic very hard and I sat 
up with him. Some better in morning.
(Captain Edward P. Lee, Co B - Waterford, Vt.)
July 6            Wednesday
Had orders to move in the morning, to our left. 
Brought Moody a fife. Moody is quite smart 
today. We finished up on Muster rolls.

July 7            Thursday
Quite cool.  Stayed in camp, Moody is quite
smart. Bought a Spencer off Harmon Burt.
Gave him 3 dollars for it.
(Corporal Charles H. Burt, Co D - Westfield, Vt.)

July 8, 1864         Friday
Moody is on duty. The wind blows hard. 
I sent a letter to Emeline. We are in camp
today. I went to see Moody.

July 9            Saturday
Cooler but cloudy. Had a skirmish drill. 
We started for City Point, marched all night.
Got there early in the morning.

July 10            Sunday
Quite warm. We took a boat for Washington
at six o'clock. We had a good beach. Rested
well. Passed Newport News Monday morning.

July 11            Monday
Warm and pleasant. The different points we 
came past: Newport News, Lady's Institute, 
Smiths Point, Point Lookout. Came through
Chesepeak Bay, was out of sight of land.
Came by Black Stone Island, Mariah Point
Fortress Monroe, Mount Vernon. Came past
Fort Washington on the Potomac.

July 12            Tuesday
Landed at Washington in the morning. I was
in charge of all Baggage. Went up to 
Fort Stevens. Went out on Picquett.

July 15            Wednesday
Warm. Came in from Picquett. Started on
the march. I left a 2 lb gun with the 
Dayorian Man at Brightwood. Moody came 
back to the company.


July 14, 1864         Thursday
Warm and pleasant.  We are on the march. 
I am sick. Got into the Ambulance for the first 
time while in the Army.  Stayed in all night.
Came past Edwards Ferry, got to Poolsville.
The Jonnys just went.

July 15            Friday
Warm and pleasant. Stayed in camp all day
at Poolsville. Lieut. Dodge was Officer of 
the day. I and Moody went and saw Major 
Nelson. The old 3rd boys left for home.
(Major Thomas Nelson, Staff - 3rd Vt. - Ryegate, Vt.)
July 16            Saturday
Warm and pleasant. Stayed on the march. 
Got up to Whites Ford. Our Artillery opened
fire on the rebs. Our Cav. went through Leesburg.

July 17            Sunday
Warm and pleasant. Stayed on the hill beyond
Leesburg. Moody and I went out and got some
blackberrys. I got $5.00 off Lot Edwards and 
$1.00 off Wilson Lampher. Saw Oak leaves
drifted 5 feet high. I took some of the leaves 
for a bed and they went well.
(Private. Lott Edwards, Co. D 5th Vt. - Morristown Vt.)
(Private Wilson Lamphere Co. D 5th Vt. - Lowell, Vt.)

July 18            Monday
Started on the march. Went through Snickers
Gap on the Blue Ridge. Got over into the 
Shanandoah Valley but did not cross the river.
Went into camp for the night. They had a fight
on our right in the night. It was very warm.


July 19, 1864         Tuesday
Quite warm and pleasant. Our Ambulances
are fetching in the wounded. Had orders to 
march but they were countermanded. Stoped
all night in camp.

July 20            Wednesday
Very warm. Started on the march. Went acrost
the Shanodoah River about noon. Stoped in the 
woods and we had a smart shower with wind that
blew down a tree and killed a man. Dan and some
of the boys stole a lot of honey. i lost my saber
belt. Stoped until after dark and started on our
way back.

July 21            Thursday
Warm and pleasant. Came back acrost the river
Moody was taken with the colic. I carried him on
my back acrost. the Shanodoah river, then got him
into the ambulance. We started for Washington.
Bought a saber off Harmond Burt. Gave him $2.00.

July 22            Friday
Warm and pleasant. On the march to Washington
Joseph Martin got into the ambulance. Started
from Goose Creek and crossed Brods Run. Went
into camp for the night. Formed a line of 
battle all around camp. One hot night.


July 23, 1864         Saturday
Warm and pleasant. Started on the march 
for Chain Bridge. Got to Teneltown at night.
The 4th & 3rd & 6th Regts. got paid off.
Came past Chanclorsvill and Prospect Hill.

July 24            Sunday
Warm and pleasant. Got mail for the first
time in three weeks. I got one from Father,
some from Jasper and 3 from Emeline. One 
from Emeline with $10.00 in it and one 
from Father with $5.00 in it.

July 25            Monday
Warm and raining.  We left the 6th Corps
And came into our old Forts. I wrote to 
my wife. Moody is in the Howard Hospital.

July 26            Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. Commenced to have a
Colored Woman cook for Lieut. Dodge and
myself. Joseph Muzzey is our ordily. Had
orders to march. We went into Maryland. 
We were some man, you may bet.
(Private Joseph Muzzey, Co. D - Johnson, Vt.)
July 27            Wednesday
Warm. Went through Rockville & Clarksburg 
& Hagerstown.  I got foot sore. Took my 
company and went in the rear as patrol guard. 


July 28, 1864         Thursday
Warm and pleasant. Got to Fredrick and joined
the 6th Corps. Stoped until afternoon and then 
started on this march. Stoped at Jefferson, Md.

July 29            Friday
Quite warm. Started for Harpers Ferry. Went 
through Sandy Hook and came past Md. Heights.
Passed through Harpersburg in W. Va.. Passed
Bolever Heights and stayed all night at Alltown.

July 30            Saturday
Started from Alltown for Fredric City. Marched
all night, got to Sandy Hook. Had to fall out.
A lot of our boys fell out. Timothy Deblois got
sun stroke so did Corp. Tilerston.
(Private Timothy Deblois, Co. D - Westfield, Vt.)
(Corporal A. Orlando Tillotson, Co. D - Waterfield, Vt.)

July 31            Sunday
One of the hottest days we ever had to march.
A lot of our boys fell out. I came in at night
with the largest Company of them that fell out
by the way. Got in to camp at Fredric some 
2 miles from the city.

Aug. 1 1864          Monday
Warm and pleasant. In camp near Fredric. 
Had a good rest. Had some pudding with milk
for supper.  Drank some whiskey. I am pretty
well played.


August 8, 1864        Monday
Warm and pleasant. Still in camp at Alltown. 
Strengthened our Breast Works.

August 9           Tuesday
Warm and pleasant. Still in camp. Got a letter 
from my wife. All well. Harry Bailey came back 
to the company. Maj. Walker and Lieut. Dodge 
went down to the Ferry and got some meat.
(Corporal Harry J. Baily, Co. D - Troy, Vt.)
August 10           Wednesday
D.r Meiggs came into our mess. Started on the
march. Warm and pleasant. Our Brigade was in 
the rear. Sent a letter to Emeline. Stoped for 
the night some 15 miles south of Harpers Ferry. 
I went on picquitt with 25 men.

August 11           Thursday
Started on the march. We heard cannonading in 
advance of us, in the direction of Martinsburg.
Went into camp in a good place. Got a 1/2 of
a sleep. It was quite a treat.

August 12           Friday
Quite warm and pleasant. Started on the march.
Came past Newtown and through Middletown
one mile. Went into camp at Cedar Creek in
sight of both Skirmish lines.

August 13           Saturday
Cloudy but warm. Moved over to Strawsburg.
Went into camp in sight of that village. 
Came back to our old position at night. 
Mosby killed a lot of our mules from 
the trains.


August 14 1864        Sunday
Warm and pleasant. Doctor Meiggs and 
I went down to the Opaquan Creek and had
a good bath. Advanced our Picquett lines.
Sergt. Pike went to the Ambulance trains.
(Asst. Surgeon John J. Meigs, Staff - Hyde Park, Vt.)
(Sergeant Paphro D. Pike, Co. D - Stowe, Vt.)

August 15           Monday
Looks some like rain. Still in camp in the same
place. Went in to bathe.

August 16           Tuesday
Cloudy but warm. Had a Turkey for breakfast.
Willey came into camp. Orders to hold our
selves in readiness to march at a moments
notice. We started on the march at 10 o'clock.
Moved back a few miles.

August 17           Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. On our way back towards
Harpers Ferry. Stopped near Winchester for 
breakfast. Our Cavl. had a fight and we got 
the worst of it but they held the enemy in 
check until we got back to Alltown.

August 18           Thursday
Warm but quite rainy. Started without our 
breakfast. Came into camp near Charleston.
Did not have time to eat until we got into 
camp. Hoped to make coffee but before we 
had time to make any, we had orders to 
move again.


August 19th 1864       Friday
We was in camp near Charleston. Some
raining. Drawed some rations for the 
Company. We are living first rate for 
about three days. I got two letters from 
my wife and two from Moody.

August 20th          Saturday
Quite warm but cloudy. Still in camp.  
Lieut. Dodge and Capt. Lewis swapped
horses with Doctor Meiggs. I wrote to my
wife and one to Father and one to Moody.
Lieut. Nichols bought himself a horse.
(Lieutenant Henry J Nichols, Co. D - Sudbury, Vt.)
August 21th          Sunday
We had a fight at Charleston. I was on the
skirmish line David Goosey was wounded
and afterwards died. Joseph Bashaw & 
Moore & Drugg Col. Chamberlin was killed.
(Private David Goosey, Co. D - Johnson, Vt.)
(Private Joseph Bashaw, Co. D - Elmore, Vt.)
(Private Hardin G. Moore, Co. D - Montgomery, Vt.)
(Private Cliffus Drugg, Co. D - Stowe, Vt.)
(The fighting took place at Charles Town, W. Va..)

August 22nd          Monday
Retreated back to Boliver Hights. Quite
rainy. Our Cavl. had a fight with the 
enemy. Smart musket fire in our rear. 
I got a letter from Father. All is well.

August 23rd          Tuesday
Got up at 3 o'clock. Had orders to strike 
Tents and be ready to move at a moments 
notice. We did not move, but built rifle
pits. Smart skirmishing in front.


August 24th, 1864       Wednesday
Sent out 12 men and one Captain on Picquett.
Skirmishing on our left. Capt. Lee in 
arrest for not turning out the Picquett
when the Corps Officer of the day came along.
(Captain Edward P. Lee, Co. B - Waterford, Vt.)
August 25th          Thursday
Some rain. Our Cavl had a fight on our
right. Skirmishing in front and on our
left. Got a letter from Moody. Got orders
to be ready to move.

August 26th          Friday
We are still in camp. Had a stand to arms. 
I went to the Ferry. We had a fight on 
our left. I got my velease from Washington.
J.A. Lewis got it for me.
(Lieutenant Judson A. Lewis, Co. C - Poultney, Vt.)
August 27th          Saturday
Warm and pleasant. We are still in camp.
Had a Batallion Drill. I got a letter 
from Emeline. Made out our clothing roll.

August 28th          Sunday
In the morning we had orders to march. 
Quite cool. We are going up the Valley 
again. We are on the march. Cannonading
in our front. Went on Picquitt.

August 29th          Monday
Warm and pleasant. We are having a hard Cavl.
fight on our right. Drew 2 days rations.


August 30th 1864       Tuesday 
Still on Picquett. Warm and pleasant. 
Lieut. Dodge went to the hospital. 
I got a letter from Emeline. All is
well. Harling Maning came back to the Co.
(Private Harlin P. Manning, Co D - Johnson, Vt.)
August 31th,         Wednesday
Warm and pleasant. Still on Picquitt. 
Came in from Picquitt.  In camp in sight
of Charleston, in a pleasant place. Got 
a letter from Emeline.

Sept. 1st           Thursday  
Warm and pleasant, still in camp. I got
a letter from Father, some from Moody and
Jasper. I went out to the hospital to see
Lieut. Dodge.   
Sept. 2nd           Friday      
I am to work on clothing account. I sent
a letter to Emeline and some to Jasper.
We had two new recruits come into our Co.

Sept. 3rd           Saturday    
Warm but cloudy. We started on the march.  
Bought me a saber. Sold mine to Maj. Walker
for $6.00. We marched to Clifton.  Had
a smart fight in front.  Some raining. 

Sept. 4th           Sunday    
Some raining. Commenced to fire in front. 
Skirmishing all day, some cannonading.  
John Handy came back to the company. 
We went out to build rifle pits.
(Private John G. Handy, Co. D - Stowe, Vt.)

Sept. 5th, 1864        Monday    
We got into camp in the forenoon. Layed
Us out a new camp ground. Bought me a 
Rubber blanket off of Barrett.
(Private Oliver Barrett, Co. D - Hinesburgh, Vt.)
Sept. 6th           Tuesday   
It is Town Meeting day with the soldiers. 
They have a chance to vote a member of 
Congress.  The most of them voted for 
Portus Baxter for our district. I got a 
Letter from Emeline and one from Father 
some from Moody. All well. Rained all day.
(Honorable Portus Baxter, 38th & 39th Congress, Brownington, Vt., Henry Clay Baxter, his son, Brevet Major, Cos. D, I, A)
Sept. 7th           Wednesday    
It cleared up last night and it is pleasant
today. I have written a letter to Father,
some to my wife and one to Moody. Had a
Regimental Inspection. Guns looked quite
well. Major Walker was Officer of the day.

Sept. 8th           Thursday  
Commenced to rain in the morning and rained 
all day. Got our payrolls done.  The 8th Corps 
moved around to our right.

Sept. 9th           Friday     
Warm and pleasant. Our regiment and the 
2nd Regiment went out to Rippon to escort in
our supplies. It was 6 miles long. Six of we 
officers took dinner to Doctor Osburne. I got
a letter from Emeline and one from Moody.
I answered them all.


Sept. 10th, 1864       Saturday  
Commenced to rain in the morning. It is quite
warm. We had one of the hardest rains last 
night that we have had this season.  It wet
through our tents.

Sept. 11th          Sunday   
Raining hard. Zelora Marsh came back to the
Company. Capt. Safford came into our mess. 
He had 10 lbs. of flour and 7 lbs. of ham, 
2 lbs.of sugar, some cans of condensed milk
and one bottle of mustard.
(Captain Darius J. Safford, Co. D - Morristown, Vt.)
Sept. 12th           Monday   
Our train came up. I was detailed to take
Charge of the sales. I sent two letters to
Emeline. We drew some new clothes I got two

Lieutenant Henry Edson Bedell was seriously wounded the next day, Sept. 13, 1864 at Gilbert's Ford, Va.

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Diary ©2004, Ed Italo