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The Ed Italo Collection

11th Vermont Infantry (aka 1st Artillery, 11th Vermont Volunteers)

         Head Quarters, first Brigade
defending Washington, north of the
Potomac. 11 Reg Vt. Vols. Fort Slocom

Dec. 5, 1862

                    Friend Hiram,

   I recieved your letter of the 17th in 
good time and was glad to hear from you.
My health is very good and I hope this
  may find you enjoying the same.

  We are situated about 5 miles from
 the city of Washington.  We are at work
  building barracks.  We have got it
  nearly done.  It snows here tonight.

It is about half rain.  The ground is 
all mud. I suppose you are going to school
  now.  You must tend to the school
marm this winter.  I wish I was there to
go with you.  We would have a good time.
  Does Chandler go this winter?  Elmer
goes I suppose, and Gilmore.  Do you play
Ball any this winter?  I remember how we
used to play.  Does Varanca make you toe
  the mark?  What did you do Thanks-
giving?  Is there any skating there yet?
  We did not do any thing here
 till evening.  We had a dance in the 
street.  One of the men played on a fiddle.
We had potatoes and Beef steak for
dinner.  The Boys are all pretty well.

We are making pipes and rings.  Rice has 
 skedadled.   He went away Saturday 
  and has not been seen since. 
   I guess we ain't any of us sorry.

  I went out on Picket the other night.
Went out one night and come back the 
  next, but did not see any Rebels.
One man from a Company has to go out 
   every night.
  I want you and Elmer to write me a       
    long letter.  Write all the news
   and every thing you can think of. 
    Write how you like the school &
   what the boys are doing doen at the
  Village.  Tell Chandler to write to
 me.  I don't think of anymore to write.
  This is mostly the time for roll call.
 We have to all go out at 8 A.M. and
answer to our name and the same in
the evening.  Give my best to all who
    may enquire.

                      I still remain your friend,  
                      H.  Buxton.