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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Bell Plain Landing Va.
at the mouth of Potomic Creek
May 12/64

Dear Wife,

We landed here this morning, there is 10 thousand wounded here waiting for transportation. We have got to march to Fredricksburg, 10 miles. The Battle Line is only 10 miles from this. e are all well and jolly as can be expected. It makes the boys a little sober to see so many wounded here. We can see what we are a comming to, but I didn't cave in any yet nor shant till I get hurt. We can hear he canonading from here. nell, don't you go to worring about me if you hear that I am wounded till you know certain how it is. I may not get hurt at all and I may, I can't tell you know. But I know you would take on a good deal if you should hear any such thing. But what I mean is not to worry till you hear certern how it is. That is the best way now remember, Cheer up.

My Darling wife, we shall be apt to be i the Battle in a day or two. Be a darling Nell, don't make yourself sick. I shall have to close now, we expect to march in a few minutes. I will write every chance I can get. i am writing rite out in the rain, sitting on my knapsack.

Goody bye Dear Wife
Your Husband

[Someone else's writing]

I opened this so to see if there was any trouble with Warren, and if there was, I was going to get a team and cum up there. You don't care.

Don't worry till you hear something. If you hear, better cum down here. You will hear from him soon.


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