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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Baltimore U. S. Gen. Hospital
Sunday, December 4th 1864

Dear Nelly,

I write you a line this morning saying that Warren is better. He remains better so far through the day. He is now lying on his right side for the second time since I cam here. He looks a great deel better, talks rashinable, but oh how weak. He has teaken his tea cup in his hand and drunk his tea today, the first time in 5 days. I haven't been to my meals for 6 days but think I shall go to supper tonight. I don't think but that he will concent to have me go. They have brought my grub to me. I have set up 5 nights til 2 o:clock and then got up from 2 to 5 times before 5 in the morning. There is others set up with the rest of the sick. We moved him on a water bed Friday night and he went to sleep in 20 minutes and slept a most of the time till the morning when he woke up bright.

This bed is an India rubber, thick and filled with water so that he lies perfectly easy. There isn't any jar to it. He was made as comfortable as anyone could be. He lay on his back and they made him as comfortable as possible. He had 8 matteos under him. When we took him off I counted the pilloes, there was 25 small and large ones. Everything has been done that could be to make him comfortable. No one has spared any pains for him. His great trouble now is the bed sore on his left hip. It is about 2 inches a crost and one inch deep. It got sore before I got there and he couldent lay in any other form.

He lay so till his nerves gave way he couldent stand it any longer and we have had all that we could do to keep him alive. He dident no anything for over 4 days nor dident sleep a minute at a time. Now he sleeps good and everything is working first rate. He talks like Warren now and is in his right mind. His leg is a most heald. The doctors and nurses say they never seen a leg do so well. There was 3 boys had theirin legs off the Monday he had his taken off that aint one quarter heald. One of the 3 died since I come, his was teaken off at the ancle, the other above the knee. I dount think there is any danger now but that he will get well.

It will teak some time, you must do the best you can there with mother. Mother and you must see my man in Chauncy if you want wood. IF you want hen feed get some one to see Telly Gilbert and he will fetch you some grain. Boil some potatoes for the hens. If I should go away, somebody would have to come and see to him for there is about seventy sick and wounded in this ward and only 6 nurses. Warren wants some one by him all of the time. If he dont he will run right down again. He dont teak any medicin but milk punch and wine.

G. W. Mather

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