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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Patricks Station
Camp near Petersburg Va.
Jan. 20th 1865

Dear Sister Nell,

I have delayed so long I am Ashamed of myself and Knowing it to be my duty to write to you I will do the best I can. hope you will excuse me for not writing to you beofre. I am well and hope this will find you enjoying the same great blessing. Nell, you would ont know me now I am so fleshey and lazy athat I cant get around only once a week. We have just got our Dress coasts from Washington that we had lst winter and I cant hardley get mine on. We have not had hard times for the last two months.

Everything is very quiest here now. There has not been aney fireing on the lines for some time. Our breast works and the rebs are about one half mile apart. The picket lines are in front and very near each other and when we got the news of the capture of Fort Fisher there was an order issued for every officer in command of the line to use every effort he could to let the Johnnes Know it. So at two Oclock, every man was ready to tell them. It commensed on the left of the line and run along for miles. Every man hollard as loud as he could, Johnnes Fort Fisher is captured.

Then the Rebs says, Yanks did you know Peas was declared. and they kept talking to each other in this way untill day light. There are a great many comes in our lines every night and I tell you they look hard up. They have very poor clothes and are very ragged and hungry. I dont think the war will last much longer yet it may last another summer. The books that ou sent to Warren was sold to a man in his Co. and the Ordley has promised to get the money and pay it to me on pay day. I will send it to you as soon as I get it.

If you get this you must write and let me know whare to direct to you. i will try to do better in answering your letters Please except this from,

Brother Asa

Write soon

I will do better next time.

Direct to Co. C, 11th Vt.
2nd Brig. 2 Div, 6th Army Corps
Washington DC
Asa F. Mather

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