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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Patricks Station Verginna
In front of Petersburg February 8th 1865

Dear Sister Nellie,

I recieved your kinde letter all right but there has been hard fighting on the left since sunday morning and every thing has been i an uproar. So I have neglected writing to you. I am well and hope this short answer will find you the sam.e You spoke about Warren. I seen him the night before he was wounded. He was well and all right then. I did not have much time to talk with him, I was at work and he did not stay with me but for a few minutes. He was wounded very early in the morning and our fighting was so hard that I could not get a chance to look for him through the day. I did not know that he was wounded untill the battle was over that night. When I found that he was so sick and had his limb amputated I tried to get a furlough but we was under marching orders and I could not get one. He used to come to see me almost every day and I have missed him very much. He always let me know when he got a letter from you and sometimes let me read them. He was always wanting me to writ to you but I could not get started, so I would tell him to tell you that I was well and that would answer all purposes.

I supposed you are very lonsome and if there is anything that I can do or say that would be any comfort to you I would do it with the greatest of pleasure, but I dont remember anything that he said that you would care anything about. If I had seen him after he was wounded, perhaps he would have said something to me that I could tell you. I guess you did not understand what I meant by the twelve dollars. The boys in his company owed him I think ten dollars they say they will pay it to me as soon as they are paid. If they do, I will send it to you and the 12 dollars I owe him, I will send as soon as I get paid myself which in all will make 22 dollars. I think that we shall be paid by the middle of March.

You spoke about Miss Ellen M. Perkins and wished to know my opinion of her. My opinion of her is that she is a very diferant girl from what I thought she was. I presume she is good enuph for me but her name will never be Mather, not by my taking her for a wife. I have got through having aney thing to do with her. I dont wish to say aney thing against her. If I was to have the privlage of seeing you I will tell you the whole story. It is a good joke on me but there are a great deal smarter men than I am been wooled over more than I have. I am hopes she has gone down to her brothers to be married to her ministers son. Nothing would give me more pleasure tan to hear of her being married. But if the one that makes her his wife dont have to work or tell some lies to get a living, I shall be mistaken. I knew long ago how every thing was a going to turn out with me, and what made me so easy with her and not stop my state pay is more than strange to me. Write and let me know what you think about her and what you herd and what she said when you was in Fair Haven.

You must excuse poor writing and bad spelling.

This from brother Asa F. Mather

The weather is very
cold hear now

Write soon

Feb. 9th Everything is all still this morning. Our men have taken the Danvill Rail Road and hold it. We have been luckey enough not to be called in the fight this time. I dont take much stock in the peas oppesition. What do the folks in Vermont think. They had better some of them come out hear and take a dip at it, and see if they think that peas will come with out fighting. Have you heard aney thing from Mr. Ayers that was in Co. h of this Regt.

Asa F. Mather

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