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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Camp of the 6th Vt. Aug. 2nd
At Fredrick City MD.

My Deariest Nellie,

Well Sis, we are on the road back towards Washington again. We have been to Harpers Ferry and crossed over into the Valley. This is the second time we have been into the Shenandoah Valley and all for nothing. The rebs are there when we start, but when we get there they are somewhere else. They are too much for our folks every time. they have marched the men aufully this time. We started our return last Saterday. The first 20 miles that we marched there was as many as one hundred men Sun stroked. A good many of them died. I have been perfectly well all of the time and kept with my Co. when we got here there was only 4 men and the Captain. the rest fell out on the road, could not stand it. Some of the boys have not been with us for a week, or since the next day after we left Washington.

I was sick last night, had the colic and diareah a little but I am about as well as ever today. I ain't a going to let them kill me unless they shoot me. I have not seen nor heard form Austin since we crossed the monocacy River last Thursday. I think he is in the hospital somewhere I don't know where we shall go to next, perhaps to City Point and Petersburg. They have had a big fight there lately, gained some ground but had to fall back, could not hold it. I see by the reb papers that they think the 6th corps has gone back there. They don't know where we are. I suppose you don't know where we are at all now. I see the papers don't say any thing about the 6th Corps. since the fight at Washington.

My feet are getting well now. Those nails have come off 2 of them. One foot has been maturated on the ball. it don't run much now. I think it will be well in a few days. I tell you it has been hard for me to march with my sore feet but I have kept up with my company all the time. We march from 15 to 20 and 25 miles every day. I guess this campaign will never end. It has been 3 months since it commenced. It don't seem over a month since I was at home but I guess it is longer to you ain't it Nell?

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