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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Boliver Heights Aug 7th
Near Harpers Ferry VA.

My Deariest Wife,

Well Nellie here we are again in old Virginia, and in the Valley for the third time. We expected to go towards Washington the morning that I mailed your last letter, was ordered to pack up and move at day light but the order was countermanded and we layed there till night. We had just got to sleep when the drum beat to pack up and fall in. We fell in and marched 5 miles to Monocacy Station, waded the river and layed in the road till day light, then took the cars for Harpers Ferry. We are about 3 miles west of Harpers on the Winchester road. We was here a week ago on the same ground. I don't know where we shall go next. Old Grant is here himself this time. T Think we shall have a fight some where soon. We have fooled around ever since the fight at Washington trying to find the Jonnies, have not seen one yet. Wright would hear of them somewhere and march the men all out and kill more men than would have got kiled in a good smart Battle and havn't found a reb yet. Old U. S. will find them and fight them as long as there is a man left to fight. They ain't doing much at Petersburg now and I think the rebs will come up here and have a big fight eithers in Maryland or Pensylvania. I can't write much, we are liable to move any moment. We don't have any orders, only to rest when we stop on this campaign so we are expected to be ready to march at a moments warning, and so we are.

Nellie, that boy that I spoke of being sick died that night at half pat 10. porter came to my tent and work me up when he was dying. I think it was the stuff the doctor gave him. He was well in the morning and died at night. Poor boy, he went to sleep and they could not wake him nor fetch him out of it. It was a kind of a fight. He tented with Porter and me. We miss his aufully, only how suden he died. We could not send him home so we made a rough box and buried him under a tree at the side of the road so his father can come and get him this fall. He was courting a lady in Fairfax Vt. her name is Burman. I know her brother in Burlington. He is a clerk in a clothing store.

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