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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Camp of the 6th Vt.
Near Berryville VA. Sept. 15th

My Deariest Wife,

We expect to mail up tonight so I will write and have it ready to send when the mail goes out. Well nell we have had another fight and the 6th Vt. has come out with out loosing a man, fools for luck once. We brock camp the 13th at 4 o'clock in the morning and marched out about 5 miles near Bunker Hill. The old Brigade was all on the skirmish line, the 11th was on the reserve in the woods. We found the Johnies on the other side of the Opequan river. We advanced up as near as possible and began to skirmish with them. We had a Batery of light artilery with us on the left and some cavelry and a flying Batery of light artilery on the right. The Batery opened on them, the rebs thot was was a going to bring on a general engagement and that was what we wanted they should think. We got their attention there you see and General Custer with his Cavelry went around towards Winchester, got into their rear and captured a regiment of rebs officers and all, 16 officers besides the Colonel. The regiment was small only about 2 hundred privates, the 8th South Carolina. The rebs shelled the woods where the 11th was. One Liut. lost a leg and part of his hand and one private lost a leg and one arm. Asa is all right and well so is your uncle Johnson.

I am well and getting as far as a hog. i eat all the pork I can get. We have fresh beef most every day. Porter and me live right up to the handle I tell you. I do all the cooking. I soke the hard bread and after I fry the beef I put the hard tack into the Spider with some water and pork grease and stew it down. And then I have some flour mixed with water and have some pork grease in the spider, stir in the flour and water and have a good gravey to eat on the hard bread. Then I get some green corn and beans and have sugar ask and have green apple sauce and some times get some potatoes and fry them. I can live in the army if I don't get shot.

I have got 12 of your letters, guess I shall get one to night. The mail has come to headquarters now, I shall have to stop writing soon have got to drill. The recruits are comming in fast now so we have to drill now to learn them. A poor lot of men they are too I tell you. Fools and criples criminals and indians. My company had not got but one yet. He is french and the smartest one. I have seen Alex Phillips is coming to the 11th reg.

Nell, I wish you would send my boots as soon as you can by mail. I need them now. I don't think I can come home this fall nor I don't think we shall be at Washington this winter either. If we don't go to Petersberg I think we shall winter in the valley or near Harpers Ferry. What this armey is here for is to keep Earley's armey here to he can't reinforce Lee at Petersberg. And keep him out of Maryland and Washington. So you will see why we have marched so much. Tell Father Bulley for the teamsters.

Write soon,
Your own Warren, Good Bye

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