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The Ed Italo Collection

6th Vermont Infantry
Mather Family Correspondence

Friday morning Nov. 25 1864

Dear Nell,

We have just got through dressing Warren's Leg. The Doctors say it is doing the best of any leg that has been teaken off in this hospital. I don't know how many legs has been teaken off in this large hospital. this building that belongs to this places covers over 50 acres of ground. The buildings stand close together, they are about 30 feet wide and 100 feet long. There is 10 in this war. Warren's Leg was the last one that was teaken off and the doctors say it is near wel to all appearance than some that has been off 5 and 6 weeks longer than Warren's.

There is a good deal of braggin by the nurses about Warren's Leg. It is a doing so well. I think it is doing first rate. Warren rested first rate last night. I worked about half an hour last to fix his pilloes so that he could rest. I think he has 16 or 17 pilloes under him and around in one place or another. Some of the pilloes aint large than your hand, and so on to very large ones. There is a fine looking girl that has come round every morning and washes Warren's face, head and hands and all the rest that can't sit up. There was 11 hundres soldiers eat dinner at one row of tables here yesterday. It was a sight. Warren sends love to all.

Love to Mother
Write soon
G. W. Mather

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