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Virtual Museum

Manuscript Archives
Vermont State Papers

We anticipate that the manuscript holdings of the State of Vermont will prove invaluable to the project, even if we are only able to provide an index to the majority of information that should be available. Thanks to the kind offices of David E. Michlovitz, of Alexandria, VA, we have a number of interesting documents to start this collection with, most of which have been incorporated into our timeline already.

812General Order No. 10.
819Elihu Burritt letter, 7 Sep 1857
Subject: Emancipation Convention, New Britain, Conn.
8112State of Tennesse Resolution, 18 Jan 1861
Subject: threat?
8127Thomas Seaver letter, 29 Apr 1861
Subject: Enlistment papers
8129Thomas Canfield letter, 30 Apr 1861
Subject: Nurses
8160Volunteers contract for three years

In addition to Volume 81 listed above, the following volumes may contain information of value to our effort:

Volume Title
73Claims Against the State, 1792-1877
78-79Miscellaneous, 1800-1866
82Erastus Fairbanks correspondence, 1837-1861
90Miscellaneous, 1852-1870
95Secretary of State correspondence, 1855-1861
96Miscellaneous, VT Claims Against U.S. re: Civil War, 1794-1904

For further information, see the Vermont State Archives