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Every photograph listed in the database lists a source code, which are explained below.

abrams - Bill Abrams Collection (2nd Vermont Battery Light Artillery)

charles - Dennis Charles Collection

cooper - Tim Cooper Collection, from the Daniel L. C. Colburn album

fcguber - Photographs from the private collection of Francis C. Guber. See his collection off-site!

fernbacher- Private collection of Robert Fernbacher.

gibson - John Gibson Collection.

HLJones - Harold 'Dewey' Jones Collection.

italo - 1st Vermont Brigade, a personal collection of Civil War memorabilia, Ed Italo

jones - Collection of Civil War photographs, Jeffrey Jones

kg - Private collection of Kermint Glines

limoge - Private collection of Brad Limoge

loc - Library of Congress

mand - Private Collection of Jack Mandaville

martin - Personal collection of Elizabeth Aiken Martin

mhi - U.S. Army Military History Institute, Special Collections Branch

morristown - Morristown Historical Society

peladeau - Personal collection of Marius Peladeau

poultneygar - Steve Smith's Poultney GAR Album

ripley - photographs from 9th VVI soldiers included in Vermont General: The Unusual War Experiences of Edward Hastings Ripley (1862-1865), edited by Otto Eisenschiml; New York: Devain-Adair Company, Publishers, 1960.

13inf - wartime and postwar photographs published in Ralph O. Sturtevant's "Pictorial History: Thirteenth Vermont Volunteers, War of 1861-1865." This represents the largest collection of photographs available from an individual regiment.

troiani - personal collection of Don Troiani, the William F. Tilson photograph album

vhs - Vermont Historical Society. Copies of prints may be ordered from the Society. The cost for an 8 x 10 is $16.00 if the Society has a print; $26.00 if one needs to be made. This is for personal use of the images; there are additional fees for publication. Contact Paul Carnahan, Librarian, Vermont Historical Society, 109 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05609-0901; 802-828-2291;