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Vermont Civil War Timeline

Significant Events Before The War

1786/07/04The Constitution of Vt. outlaws slavery. (Yale Law School)
1794/03/09Future Commodore John H. Graham was born in Rutland. bios
1794/06/23Future Commodore Frank Elliott was born in Newport, RI. bios
1808/10/28Future Commodore Simon Bissell was born in Fairlee. bios
1809/11/01Future Admiral Theodore P. Greene was born in Montreal, PQ, Canada bios
1811/08/23Future Rear Admiral George F. Emmons is born in Clarendon, Vt.. profile
1812/01/01Frank Ellery was appointed Acting Midshipman bios
1813/04/23Stephen Arnold Douglas was born in Brandon. Known as the "Little Giant," the future Congressman would debate Abraham Lincoln. (Douglas)
1824/09/24Truman B. Seymour was born in Burlington. A future graduate of West Point, Seymour would be Vt.'s only known representative at Fort Sumter. (Generals)
1828/04/01George F. Emmons is appointed Acting Midshipman. profile
1834/08/10Future Rear Admiral Charles Edgar Clark is born in Bradford. (biography)
1836/04/15Future Navy Surgeon Egbert Henry Allis was born, in Brookfield. (profile)
1837/12/26Future Admiral of the Navy George Dewey is born in Montpelier, across the street from the Vt. State House. (biography)
1838/12/12Nelson Newton Glazier was born at Stratton, Vt.. (biography)
1841/04/24Future Confederate officer James E. Fiske, was born in Swanton (bios)
1842/05/11Aldace Freeman Walker, future author of 'The Vt. Brigade in the Shenandoah Valley, 1864' was born in West Rutland (Walker)
1844/05/13Future admiral George A. Converse was born in Norwich, Vt. bios
1845/01/07Henry S. Webster, Medal of Honor, was born in Stockholm, NY (more)
1846/07/11William G. Temple was promoted to Passed Midshipman bios
1847/04/03Future admiral George P. Colvcoresses, was born in Norwich, VT bios
1848/01/28Future Commodore Karl Rohrer was born in Blumberg, Baden, Germany bios
1849/05/02Elliott John Arthur was born in Burlington. bios
1857/09/07Elihu Burritt reports on the proceedings of the Emancipation Convention held in New Britain, CT (Emancipation Convention)